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I'm a UK civvy living up in Northern Germany (Plön, between Lübeck and Kiel) and in our local graveyard there are something like 30 graves of German troops killed on the last few days of the war in this area, 1-3 May 1945 (Monty accepted the regional surrender on 4 May )....

I'm presuming that the Brits came through here about that time and the Germans were on the wrong end of some well-aimed .303... Personally, I don't think by then I'd have had much fight left in me - maybe they were hard-core? Or they might have been injured elsewhere and brought to Plön. The locals I've talked to so far just aren't into talking about this, and I'd love to know what happened.

Can anyone point me towards a source that can help me find what British Army unit fought where, and on what date? Am I being too simplistic?

Anyway - cheers for any pointers....



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Parts of the German army fought hard on all fronts until the end. They fought hardest on the East Front. There is a book called "No triumphal Procession" which covers the British part in the last two months of the war in Europe.


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You might even discover that they were executed by their own side,at the end of the war groups of Feldjäger/ Feldgendarmes/MP´s went searching for slackers or soldiers desperately trying to evade capture.

No court was necassary,they would be lined up and shot or hanged on the nearest lamp-post.If the locals wont talk about it it might also mean that a prominent local person was involved and relatives still live in the area.

Feed the info,names and dates into Google,it´s surprising what comes up!

Just googled -Plön Mai 1945 ..........WOW! Rippentrop,Dönitz,Stolperstein-Einsatz,I think Plön must have been the political heart of Germany at the end of the war,damn and I wanted to go to work!



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I think, and it's only a think, as my regimental history of 3RTR is a tad blurred but they might have finished the war around the Lubeck area - the RTR website or the Tank Museum might be able to provide you with some info?? Good luck

Also, seek out a chap who goes with the arrse logon of pupgreen - you'll see his name on the RAC threads mate


3 RTR final action was on 6th of May, Major Bill Close was sent to Forst Segeberg to take the surrender of a SS anti -tank unit. The CO and adjutant of the unit then rode on the front of Bill's tank all the way back to Segeberg. with the unit following on foot .(taken from The Black Bull by Patrick Delaforce)

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