May 13 1969 Racial Riots in Malaysia

Interesting. My Chinese Father in Law only managed to avoid being lynched that day thanks to the kindness of a Malay family who hid him.

Have you read the book or seen any reviews of it?
Just got the 151 page book..and read it..

The book exposes the Malaysian Armed Forces, a band of corrupt muslim terrorists.....This book covers the political side of these racial riots....and contains "no war stories"......

A good book..only costs approx £3.00, but you cannot get it in the UK...
Can be obtained via internet....

boris7 said:
The book exposes the Malaysian Armed Forces, a band of corrupt muslim terrorists.....
A couple of weeks back I visited the 'Muzium Angkatan Tentera' (Malaysian Armed Forces Museum) in KL -I only know the name because I'm drinking tea out of the souvenir mug! Unsurprisingly, this is not how they appear to see themselves!

Much attention is given to their internal COIN operations and, while I can appreciate the museum is not about the British armed forces, there is abslutely no indication that there were any Anglos in Force 136, Commonwealth forces helped defeat the Communists in the Emergency or sustain Malaysia in the Confrontation in Borneo.

Still an interesting place to visit because it's housed in the KL barracks and the galleries are locked up while 3-4 serving staff sit chatting in reception. One left is computer game to open though.

No mention of any riots but the major exhibits devoted to every CGS shows a lot of ego. It lists every course they attended, some going back to the colonial era and it's funny to see field hygiene courses at Aldershot and the like listed alongside portraits in gold braid.

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