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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bigpod, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know of any Maxpedition stockist in either Reading, North London/Hatfield or Chatham areas.
    In UK midweek, and I would like to look at a couple of bits of kit.
  2. I think you will struggle on this one. I do not know of any stockists who have a physical showroom near London. What items of theirs are you wanting to see?
  3. Fatboy Versipack.

    I am never sure of buying things like this without getting hands on first.
  4. \cheers - yep, looked at youtube. I have also seeen this link and looked it up on Streetview - doesn't look likely for shopping. I think I'll have to trust Mail. There is a stockist near Koln, but that is over 2 hrs from home; as I said I wass hoping for a look before buying, but I'll have to trust the reviews (which are generally good)
  5. having seen them in the flesh myself back in october at an outdoor show they are a nice bit of kit well made and thought out packs and bags ,
    Im just not quite metro sexual enough to want one of these bags :)

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  6. Now that is quite camp - however, I will still probably give one a try if I can.

  7. over engineered **** TBH

    Unless you are an obsessive organiser with a hard on for intricate little pouches