Maxpedition stockist

Anyone know of any Maxpedition stockist in either Reading, North London/Hatfield or Chatham areas.
In UK midweek, and I would like to look at a couple of bits of kit.
I think you will struggle on this one. I do not know of any stockists who have a physical showroom near London. What items of theirs are you wanting to see?
\cheers - yep, looked at youtube. I have also seeen this link and looked it up on Streetview - doesn't look likely for shopping. I think I'll have to trust Mail. There is a stockist near Koln, but that is over 2 hrs from home; as I said I wass hoping for a look before buying, but I'll have to trust the reviews (which are generally good)
having seen them in the flesh myself back in october at an outdoor show they are a nice bit of kit well made and thought out packs and bags ,
Im just not quite metro sexual enough to want one of these bags :)


over engineered **** TBH

Unless you are an obsessive organiser with a hard on for intricate little pouches

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