Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Green_Garfield, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone used Maximuscle's Thermobol product?

    Is it any good worth using to help toneing up? using maximuscle promax and thats brilliant.

    any help will be great cheers.
  2. Thermobol and other 'fat loss' supps dont work on their own. You need to do loads of fat-burning excercise and eat correctly. They can help provide motivation and do work as part of a proper regeime. Dont expect to be able to keep up the 'Lads' Diet' of Stella and Kebabs, do little phys, and pop a few pills and watch the weight melt away!

    Oh, and STAY HYDRATED! Drink at least 2 litres of water a day! For me, proper hydration was the way to proper weight loss and a marked improvement in body tone!
  3. Totaly agree with the above. also, if you are taking creatine you will need to stop using it as it retains water and give you that fuller look. Slowly increase protein and reduce carbs.
  4. Yes but when you come off it the water weight goes with in the week. To be honest creatine is always a good thing. It aids recovery and workload. The 3rd generation with the ethyl ester can be bought which doesn't put on the water weight

    Drinking a lot works because a lot of the time people mistake dehydration with hunger
  5. On a side note, get some maximuscle cyclone, when taken properly and with some reasonabley hard gym sessions does wonders for increasing your general muscle mass and it is about 1 million times more effective than whey protien. With extra muscle you should find the extra flab less of an issue as it goes quickly leaving you with the chubb you really need.

    Just don't buy the Choc flavoured one, it is utterly foul.

  6. * 60g of protein per daily serving - virtually zero lactose
    * 10g of creatine and 10g of glutamine peptides
    * 80mg of 97% Beta-Ecdysterone
    * 3000mg of HMB™ (Enzymatic Metabolites of Leucine)
    * Contains Nitrogain™ (a power blend of: Taurine, NAC, Chromium Polynicotinate and Orotic acid)

    Its basically whey and creatine

    HMB needs more then that to make a difference as far as I know
  7. Let me clarify a second, i don't mean just take cyclone, stack it up on top of normal food. Just on an empirical basis i found it to be more effective at building up muscle mass than straight whey protein/creatine mix.
  8. The only thing that seemed to help me lose fat was loads of coffee, and that was because a) it makes you jittery and you burn calories twitching and moving, and b) it mobilises fat into the bloodstream which is then available for exercise - if you are not really eating enough caffeine gets you through.

    I'm not sure if any of that is a good thing in the long term.
  9. Cheers......

    I've just injected a bottle of nescafe into my forehead and I've still got moobs

    Take you advice and shove it in your dick, its crap and doesn't work

  10. okie dokie

    I was replying because there are a lot of things that have very similar ingrediants but would probably be cheaper (maximuscle is over priced for the ingrediants
  11. wnak lots and change arms everyday you will have arms like arnie in no time
  12. I'm at the COB so that is already on the fitness program,
    but that has go nothing to do with getting rid of the little big of fat covering my abs.

    Thanks anyway
  13. Not read the full thread but save your money.

    I abhor the term "toning up". To lose weight, input must be < output. Simple as that. Aids will help but only if everything else is in order.
  14. Cutting bf has no standing on athletic performance (given you can see your toes past your belly)

    Thats how I've always seen it anyway
  15. Don't bother with Maximuscle products, they are over priced and don't always contain what they say...

    Use a company like and make up your own!