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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. I have lost a lot of my upper body strength over the last year and muscle mass due to getting out on the roads and running/tabbing and decreasing the amount of weight training I was doing for years.

    Anyway, as well as running I am back in the gym so I am basically doing something everyday and with work I am not having time to get enough food down my kneck.

    Question: Need a good protein drink to increase protein ect. Anyone tried Maximuscle Cyclone or any other suggestions?

  2. Was taking Promax on telic, seemed really good, and the chocolate flavour is actually awesome - unusual for shakes of this kind.
  3. I've tried vanilla and strawberry maximuscle protein powders years ago and could barely finish off the drink I found the stuff that horrible. To be fair though I haven't found a single protein powder brand that hadn't made me baulk.

    I'd suggest not bothering with powders to be honest. You can easily support the level of growth you're looking for just with whole foods.

    If you're struggling to get in enough calories due to time constraints try what I did and make up your own protein drinks with raw eggs, whole milk and if you want fruit / yoghurt for taste (though I found it more palatable than powder drinks). Never had as much as an upset stomach ingesting hundreds of raw eggs as they're all treated now for bacteria & worked a treat for me when I was bulking for rugby.

    Or you could carry some cold boiled eggs for a very quick meal.
  4. I've just been on Cyclone and i found it terrible. Alot of the boys love it, but i didn't. Im training hard at the moment waiting for my selection, I found it tastes sick. What im using now is a whey protein called Phd, and it is great. It has more protein per serving than maximuscle. Its £35 for a big tub and the flavours are fantastic, I have vanilla cream and mixed with water its really thick and creamy. Ive noticed some good gains. Take 3 - 4 times a day between meals. If you want to buy goto and read the reviews.

    Good luck
  5. I would seriously question the wisdom of taking protein before going to basic, you really don't need to bulk up, in fact it would be easier if you started losing weight. And taking creotine before basic is definately silly.
  6. Personally found that when I was taking cyclone I got a stitch every time I ran.
  7. How odd, just finished ordering another batch from these lot:


    Cheap and cheerful, tastes really good (strawberry is my favourite) and despite my original misgivings seems to be working for me.
    Seems well liked by posters on it's review pages as well.
  8. The Choc cylcone doesn't taste too bad, just like choc water.

    Ive found it helped me to put on a lot of muscle (not much weight though?!), although that might have just been a natural result of starting going to the gym and doing weights / and eating properly at the same time?
  9. Have you tried one that can be mixed with milk. Lik yourself find it absolutly minging with water, but ok wit milk, nad have the same benifits.

    Got mine from Holland and barrett, and cheap(ish) (£20)
  10. Would be my advice as well.

    You could even buy unflavoured and just use Nesquik!
  11. i buy off these guys, always top quality stuff, dont bother with holland and barrat sh*t cos its basically sugar and crap you dont need, will just make you fat and thats not what you want is it.
  12. It depends what your trying to achieve. I have been using proteins for years and think that EAS a far the best tasting and value for money!
    For consumption directly after your workout you need Whey protein with some unflavoured glucose powder and for nightime your better off with a protein casein powder as its slow digesting.
    Just make sure you read the label and which ever one you go for has digesting enzymes in it or you will be shite-ing thru the eye of a needle until your used to it!....only my humble opinion of course! SKI
  13. Explain this absurd statement to me please.
  14. You don't need muscle size and bulk in training in any way shape or form. You are pushing your body in cv excersises and will be better off if you lose weight - ie have less weight to carry. I have seen many people tip up to training for whatever course, ripped up to the max, and struggle at the first hurdle.