Maximum speed vs minimum speed limits

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tricky1982, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. A woman was killed on my route to work yesterday at peak time, a double tragedy for her family as her younger brother was killed in Afghanistan last year

    A165 Fraisthorpe road accident victim was sister of East Yorkshire soldier shot dead in Afghanistan | This is Hull and East Riding

    The reason I'm posting is that I have seen a lot of comments from people both on Facebook and the news site that the speed limit on that stretch of road should be lowered, however going by what has come out so far both her and another driver were both overtaking a slow moving vehicle when they collided so in this case I don't think speeding was to blame, more impatience and bad judgement caused by the frustration of being stuck behind the truck. So should minimum speed limits be enforced on certain roads? Should HGV's & tractors be kept off the B roads during rush hour? or is slowing the roads down and having more rozzers out with speed cameras the answer? Most of the near misses I see while commuting (including one or two I've stupidly had myself) are down to overtaking people who are doing 40mph or less on roads where you can do 60mph.
  2. Just put limiters on all vehicles so they can do no faster than 30Mph ever.

    Very few fatalities, very few expensive crashes. Job jobbed.
  3. Even if you remove the really slow vehicles from the equation, there'll always be people wanting to go faster than the guy in front, overtaking where they shouldn't, and wiping themselves (or others) off the planet. Lost count of the times I've already been 10 km/h over the limit and some twat has tailgated me for miles until he could roar past ... and settle in behind the car 50 m ahead.

    Better approach would be to install a device that releases valium into the car's ventilation system. That way perhaps normal, rational human beings would no longer become total nutjobs as soon as they got behind the wheel.
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  4. you want to ban HGV's and tractors that are doing no wrong just so impatient twats don't have to wait a while?
    What next? ban sober pedestrians just so drunk drivers can't run into them
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  5. A study and experiment in the Netherlands, where all road furniture and markings were removed in a couple of towns, came to the conclusion that 18% of drivers are *****.
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  6. When I was taught to drive I was told never overtake unless it is safe & legal to do so. The fact she collided with another veh overtaking the same truck just smacks of impatience & poor driving by one of them. Trucks , tractors etc have just as much right (prob more IMHO) on the road than anyone else at any time. The best way to reduce accidents is to reduce the amount of traffic on our crowded roads. A ban on single occupied cars on certain roads at rush hour would be a good start along with a schoolbus system they use in the States.
  7. Has to be said that they have truly excessive quantities of road furniture in the Netherlands, but I imagine the industry lobby with the Department of Transport is strong.
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I'm quite careful on the roads - never give the filth a chance to book me for speeding by keeping to the limits etc.

    So it infuriates me when I get stuck behind some driver on an open road with national speed limit in place - doing 35-40mph.

    It infuriates me further when we go into a built up area and the same driver leaves me for dust as I bring my speed back to 30mph - only to then catch him/her back up as soon as we're back into open ground.

    Then when you eventually find a safe spot to overtake - you give the customary annoyed glance as your passenger window parallels with their driver window - only to find either:

    A. The flatcap driver - shouldn't be alive still, let alone behind the wheel of a Nissan Micra
    B. The self-imprtant mobile phone user - who simply HAS to take this call...
    C. A middle aged woman in one of those stupid high-top estate van-car type thingies (designed to fit wheel chair in back I think?)

    Ban all of the above from the roads, and the only people getting killed out there will be the 18 year old chavs who think they've mastered the art of driving, only to find themselves checking-out of existence, worshipped from hereon in by a ton of garage forecourt flowers tied loosely around inanimate lampost at the point of impact (justice), left by dillusional relatives who have gracefully signed the little cards with "Mummy's little soulja boy" etc.
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  9. Statically, your more likely to have an accident at 30 mph.

    QED: Drive like you stole it and safety awaits.
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  10. A study conducted with myself has concluded that all other drivers are *********.
    Anyone that overtakes me or is driving faster than me is a reckless moron.
    Anyone who holds me up or that forces me to overtake them is a clueless grandad.
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  11. So it infuriates me when I get stuck behind some driver on an open road with national speed limit in place - doing 35-40mph.

    But here is the problem, the National speed limit (60 MPH on single carrageway roads) is just that a maximum limit, and traveling at 30-40 MPH is perfictly OK.

    Buy the way it annoys me as well.
  12. Great so if someone decides to drive at 25mph then the car behind being held up only has a 5 mph speed advantage to overtake increasing the risk of a head on accident. Cars have a BHP to do 120mph for a reason and it's not just to do 120mph.

    Having said that, the road in question betwen Hull and Brid is a dangerous one. I've driven along there and the only opportunities to overtake are at roundabouts, otherwise it's pointless overtaking when traffic is busy because there is only another truck or caravan further up the road.

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  13. On a dual carriage way why do trucks have to overtake another at a snail pace? I mean they are only going 2-3 mph faster and really on the grand scheme of things is it going to make a significant difference to their overall journey? They stay in the lane creating a backlog behind them, the other truck themselves coud help by lifting off but both are as pig ignorant as each other.

    Eventually after a mile or two the truck finally gains a place 3 seconds nearer to his destination, he pulls in to let traffic flow freely before making his assault on the next truck 5m ahead. So as I pass I return the compliment and do so in the same manner, 2-3 mph faster and preventing him from pulling out. Childish, counterproductive, dangerous perhaps, whichever it is definately making a point.

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  14. National speed limit...

    On a single carriageway road, a car driver travelling at the legal maximum of 60mph gets the hump with a van driver travelling at the legal maximum of 50mph, who in turn gets the hump with an artic driver travelling at the legal maximum of 40mph.

    Presuming that all these drivers have the wherewithal to drive within the capabilities of themselves and their vehicles according to road conditions, the differential national speed limit does seem to encourage overtaking collisions due to impatience.
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  15. No it's not. Depending on the class of vehicle, it might be 50 mph, or 40mph.

    Oh, and driving too slow to the point where it causes irritation to other road users may be shown to be "driving without due care and consideration for other road users", an offence.
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