Maximum Police response in Welsh Village.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. 15 Police including 6 Detectives turn up to burglary. Who says Police don't respond, only a handbag containing make up and a phone was stolen, but the Police turn out was amazing...oh, hold on, the 'victim' just happened to be the Police Authority boss, but I suppose anyone would get the same treatment, or would they?. Rather a massive waste of manpower and resources I would say...
  2. To be honest, they don't normally have a lot else to do around here! :)

    The local plod are generally excellent and will ALWAYS respond when called. Last time I looked, they also had the highest crime clear-up rate in the country.
  3. So where are you located, Lundy Island?
  4. Having had a look at the crime rate stats of less than 5 per 1000 people for Dyfed, you'd have to ask why they even need 15 Police. :?

    One plod responding within a week should have been about right.
  5. What do you want? Should they reduce the amount of police until there is enough crime to keep them busy?
  6. Not quite, send them somewhere that has more crime maybe? That wasn't the whole Dyfed force, sorry, service, that turned up anyway, even though Dog Handlers and Armed Police had a look as well.
  7. Mention "firearms" in your 999 and the local Police turn up in force.
    If not they give you a crime number & get back to you a week later!
  8. It's wrong but no different from the army or indeed any other organisation. What happens when the new GOC or Brigade commander visits a barracks?, does everyone just go on as normal or does a well choreographed display of 'Happy and efficient troops at work' take place?: or when the big boss of a company visits the office does everyone continue to surf porn on the internet or do they fawn around him looking busy?
  9. :p

    Same place as mentioned in the article - Narberth, Pembrokeshire.
  10. Dyfed Powys' Police crack Missing Handbag Recovery Team were soon on the case.

  11. I had a weird experience like this during the snowy period. Night shift was fairly Q due to the weather and a burglary came out over the radio.

    The excitement that the boredom was being broken led to all 4 of us attending. :roll:

    Fifteen? I'm not bitter at all.
  12. Nothing new; Fred the Shred, ex-boss of RBS, got a couple of windows broken in his house and car and EIGHTEEN coppers from Lothian and Borders turned up. Inspite of the fact that noone was actualy staying in the house at the time of the "attack".

    Anyone else in Edinburgh reporting a similar crime would be lucky if they saw ONE copper EIGHTEEN HOURS later.
  13. Typical. I remember that, but I bet he didn't merit an incident room, plus a Detective Inspector was assigned and drafted in a Detective Sergeant and four Detective Constables. Mind you, it was a handbag containing make up and phone, important stuff.

  14. Yes, and it all belonged to Det/Ch.Insp Shadwell Owen Glendwyr Jones bach, carriad, very important to remember that, boyo,s