Maximum number that can be taken through a WHT at any one time

Curious if any SASC lot can answer this poser. Is there a maximum number I can take through a WHT at any one time as defined by an AOSP / other LAND policy?

No need to say anything along the lines of "How many you can justify/how many you're comfortable with etc etc". I'm specifcally looking for a set number.

The reason I ask is because I seem to recall being told " a maximum of six troops" by SASC on my skill at arms phase. Could well be wrong though as is often the case and can't seem to find any reference to this.

Grateful for any info!


I take it you are a skiller then?
WAH !!!!!!
There is no set number. Six is a fictitious number. You should be able to watch 2 blokes and make sure and see that they are doing the drill correctly. Two is a good planning number. It also depends on the complexity of the wpn sys you are watching. Hope that helps?
I did the whole Sqn at the same time once. All 120 blokes... I shouted out the drills, though, because that way I knew they would do them all correctly and pass.

I failed the OC Sqn though, because he had a pistol.
I want to do the whole Regiment next, A powerpoint screen showing the drills and a number of Skillies prowling around looking for errors...

A big pudding mat in the corner, with the QMSI stood next to it.

You have to be careful now though, one chancer fitted a iPod to the pictinny rail. He pressed play and listened to his own talk through...

Fair play though, he had good drills. He also had that app on it that helps you shoot straight over long distances.
Ideally the ratio is 1 x SAA Instructor testing 1 soldier (1:1)

The maximum ratio that should not be exceeded is 1 x SAA Instructor testing 3 soldiers (1:3)

This info comes from the ISPEC for 'Conduct of WHT' taught on the SAA courses
Before leaving I was asked to go and collect the jerry cans off the CQMS for failing two SCNO's and the coy medic before an APWT. Funnily enough by the time I got back to the range they'd been passed by another and were firing their group and zero. I was never asked to take The WHT's again and was given some grief for it.

It's funny. You wouldn't thing a Sgts face could get so red with anger and a stream of verbal bollocks when answering back "Its not my fault you don't know how to operate the weapon system safely."

WHT's - Only a pass/fail test if you're a sprog.
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