Maximum BPFA scores

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by PO18, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Does anybody know what are the maximum scores/times are for the press-ups, sit-ups and the 1.5 mile run on the BPFA?

    I believe that you can get a maximum of 100 points for each event and that the scores you need for maximum points are 72 press-ups, 80 sit-ups and under 8:15 on the run. Can anyone confirm this or tell me that I am talking utter tripe.

  2. You need 50 sit ups, and 10:30 on the run. The sit-ups are something like 72.

    Note: that's for under 30 males, and TA.

    On my last Selection weekend some girl managed a 17:44 run and she still passed... Her other scores wheren't great either.
  3. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The scores you just posted are the MINIMUM. I believe that you are given a fitness grade with regards to how well you do, the maximum being 100 for each event. What i want is confirmation that the scores i gave are correct for what is necessary to get 300 points.

    So thank you listy, but it is the MAXIMUM scores i am looking for - what i need to get 100 points in each. Sounds **** but it would help me greatly. Anyone in the know?

  4. For an under 30

    Press ups = 74
    Sit ups = 72
    Run = under 8.30

    This is of the top of my head. So I maybe slightly out
  5. What about for a 40 year old, min for green and max for 300, anyone know?
  6. Can't see how as I thought the ATR's did a BPFA on arrival anyone going over 13.55 gets RTU'd.
  7. Thanks a lot mate. I do hope that is correct as it means i'm there already. Good stuff.

  8. Not quite right. 100 points on the BPFA are:

    Press-ups: 72
    Sit-ups: 77
    Run: 8.15

    I am frustratingly certain of this: my sit-ups and press-ups always score me a comfortable 100 points each, but my run never gets below 9:30, DAMN IT!
  9. OK cheers mate. I was pretty much bang on with what i thought then.

    How do the points work? How many points do you get for getting 9:30 on the run?

  10. About 70, I think. I've got one in three weeks, I'll let you know!
  11. Arfur, you get 70 points for 10.30, about 82 for 9.30
  12. Thanks ducati.
  13. Whats up, am I the only 40 year old out here! God I feel old now.