Maximum age for pilots

I thought I'd get the best answer here for the following question: is there a maximum age after which AAC pilots are no longer allowed to fly? Also: are there any differences in the maximum age between AAC pilots and Crab pilots?

Muttley said:
Normally 55 I gather but sometimes an extension is granted to 60.
Once upon a 90's, so no PERSEC, Sqn Ldr Joe L'Estrange [and he was - he married a Trafficker!] was kept on to see the Vulcan out of service. Awesome display pilot, tiresome argumentative arrogant typical aircrew, etc etc but was seen as "good value".
See also assorted Air Marshals who are now Fg Offs on Cadet AEFs.
Unless you're called Flash, you can go on for ages! 8)
Are we counting Standards? - there are a few dribbling dinosaurs there who are only in the job because they'd be f**k all use at anything else. There are a couple of field officers there who probably bump the Corps' average flying age by a few years.
The age limit is not for pilots but for soldiers! You can not serve beyond your 60th birthday therefore you can not fly in the military beyond 60. Age related terms of service have now been scrapped, therefore it is a time served issue now, if you joined late you can go beyond your 55th birthday, the old cut off point for Officers and ORs but not beyond your 60th. This is a MOD policy therefore is tri-service.

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