Max Hastings on the State of the Army.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Max on Sky news.

  2. A full 2 page article appeared in the Daily Mail Saturday 14th October.

    I recommend everyone who can, reads it. This man is, in my opinion, unique for a journo. in that he has the interests of the armed services at heart and is a vociferous supporter of same.
  3. Read it last night with an extremely large whiskey. By God, I was fired up enough to storm Parliament after I'd finished. Yesterday's Mail was indeed a vintage edition - and I'm cutting the Hastings essay out to keep for posterioroty. Nice one Max!
  4. Sir Max Hastings, Has always been an ardent supported of our Armed Forces, dating back to the Falklands Campaign. He is without doubt one of a rare breed of War correspondents / journalists, who actually gives a toss and delivers the story on how it is. And isn't affraid to speak his mind.

    PS-Not a bad author either... :wink:
  5. He was in 10 Para in the 60's.
  6. Bang on!
  7. I admire Max's views and his writing style. But The Mail is intellectual hemlock, a morally bankrupt and reactionary scaremongering waste of paper.

    I'll have to hope that The Week covers the article, but even then I'll have to read some Orwell between paragraphs just to remove the insidious effects of the commissioning paper.