Max Hastings on Brown and HFH

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Jan 7, 2008.

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  2. Some of the comments on the article are absolutely superb too. You know - the "they all had the opportunity to do something else, they were just unlucky" type of Guff that your average lentil muncher trots out from the safety of their commune.

  3. Brown's out at the next election and he knows it.

    I wish the Queen would force parliament to call an election. She has the power and would be popular for it IMHO.

  4. If there were a worth alternative, I'm sure she would. Trouble is, the opposition are almost as bad.
  5. Can the Queen call for a military coup in lieu of an election?
  6. I'm afraid she can't, doesnt like to be seen to be political etc. I had an interesting chat along the lines of a coup while at a birthday bash on Saturday night. It seems that we might have quite a bit of support, so far we have been promised a black 1985 S class Merc and a 12 bore. That should do it! Whose up for it?
  7. HMQ doesn't have to call for a coup. Process for installation of military government is:

    1. HMQ summons Broon to palace.
    2. HMQ sacks Brown
    3. HMQ invites CDS to fom a government, hinting that it should contain CDS plus five others (CGS, 1SL, CAS, Duke of Edinburgh as Foreign Sec plus Clarkson for entertainment purposes).
    4. CDS takes up resident in No.10. HMQ broadcasts to nation

    "One has installed ACM Stirrup as Prime Minister since one thought Mr Brown's governmint had turned into what my husband descibes as a shower of er, er.... (DoE from off camera) - Shi1te, Liz, sh1te>... well, there one is. One also felt that Mr Cameron lacks substance and one is unable to recall whom one invites to be PM from amongst the Liberal Democrats. Good evening. God bless you all."

    5. Broadcast ends; GOC London begins process of mass arrests of MPs.

    Bit controversial, but technically entirely constitutional. Well, almost.
  8. The practical difficulty with mounting a coup is that all the soldiers in London are Guardsmen. At H Hour they would still be arguing about the order of dress, sorting themselves into 3 ranks and getting the dressing.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd vote for her, if one could of course.

  10. A great idea but do you really think sticking a crab at the top is the best thing*?

    I'm suprised seeings how you're a sidways walker, Archi. You do realise that his 'support staff' will be crab blunties? 8O

    I'd much prefer to see Field Marshal Rt Hon the Lord Inge placed in the position. Mad fcuker. He used to shoot his ADCs you know.

    *Certainly better than the non elected, charisma vortex we have at present.
  11. I think the GOC would need to get in at 2a, to be technically constitutional, with a bit of persuading from the RAF Police to encourage our MPs to offer their support to CDS in his new role. With the modern lot, they shouldn't even have to hit them too hard, a bit of parade type shouting would probably do the trick. The tumbrils can come in the morning.

    CDS would also have to be ennobled, of course, before accepting Her Majesty's invitation, as we couldn't arrange even a rotten borough (Brent?) in the time available.

    Edited for mongly missing out a negative and to brazenly crawl and say I agree with Flashy.
  12. Most ADCs deserve shooting. :)
  13. Dunny-on-the-Wold naturally. Population: three rather mangy cows, a dachshund named `Colin', and a small hen in its late forties.
  14. No need to waste the ermine - Gerald Howarth would surely stand down and allow CDS to step in as MP for Aldershot...a shoe-in I suspect, once a few WIMIKs had patrolled the town centre?
  15. My bold - worse than that, they'd all be aircrew and thus incompetent at anything other than flying.

    I'm up for Inge taking the top job, maybe we could dissolve the commons altogether, install Liz as absolute monarch and let the Lords run the country (proper Lords that is, not your ex-politicians or party donators).