Max Hastings on Armed Forces Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'it seems to soldiers a mockery that when they are struggling to fight an unpopular and chronically under-resourced war, the British Government's Big Gesture is to give them a day out with the kiddies in full-dress uniform on the streets of Chatham.

    You can bet your socks that some idiot minister will say in a speech today that 'Britain's Armed Forces are the finest in the world'.'
  2. Good article, as said on arrse before: The Army has its own Navy, the Army has its own Air Force. The Navy has its own Army, the Navy has its own Air Force. Lets disband the RAF! :D
  3. Very, very SAD,but very, very TRUE
  4. Oh great, The great Max Hastings Defence Review.
    Whilst the country really is dispappearing down the shitter with Gordon Brown at the helm Mr Hastings isn't really the man to tell the world how its going wrong.
    One thing is for sure, Hasting certainly reads Arrse, its not difficult to see where he gets his ideas from seeing as his two big points are about Typhoon and Aircraft Carriers.
    I really do fooking dispair, with Gordon Cnutting Brown on one side and Max Twatting Hastings on the other this country is truely being screwed over. Defence spending in this country extends further than the next 6 months in Afghanistan.
    If we cannot afford to fight in afghanistan AND defend this country then get the fook out of Afghanistan. It really is that simple. All those out there that think the future lies in having a Royal Navy with no ships and an RAF without aircraft really do need to go give their heads a damned good shake. We do not know what the next year or the next decade will bring but one thing is for sure and it is that our future enemies will be pissing themselves laughing at the idea of us giving up the ability to defend our own shores.
    Gordon Brown and Max Hasting, both cnuts of equal stature. This country has truely degenerated to the point were Weimer Germany looks like a well run role model. Just how low are we going to sink?
  5. I agree with a post above - a good article.

    Brown is a disreputable oaf and should have the decency and courage to resign and disappear. I cannot imagine how he has the effrontery to appear in the midst of people he has seriously disadvantaged with his bigoted views about the military.

    I certainly agree that the disbandment of the RAF would make military and monetary sense. It won't happen because the senior echelons of the RAF have spent most of their careers learning the ways of MoD and how to manipulate politicians.

    Armed Forces Day =
    a cynical, opportunistic ploy by a failed and despised 'prime minister' and his hapless and hopeless team of nincompoops and ne'er-do-wells.
  6. Sad to say,
    Most of my community didn't even know there was an Armed Forces Day...
    Distinct lack of publicity and media coverage was shockingly poor, considering the likes of "Jordan" gets most of the front pages with her cavorting in Ibiza.
    Also a lack of Royal appearances makes it a shoddy put together day. Apparently the "Ginger" one was seen coming out of a nightclub at 4am this morning..ARRSE!!

    Rant over!
  7. Hmmn? you think that our grandfathers who fought at the Somme, or fathers who were in Burma, Korea, Aden, etc or even most ex squaddies who have been in contacts or served in various parts of the world, especially those who were actually conscripted and did not volunteer, wished that there was an Armed forces day during our/their time?

    Why is there this need by some arrrsers to constantly want recognition for doing what we/they volunteerd to do?....those that really matter i.e your comrades who were they with you, know what we did and where we did it, isn't that all that matters?

    This cheerful back slapping and instantly forgetful admiration from strangers seems a bit undignified to me.
    It's not really our way of doing things is it?....perhaps we can ask all the civvys to voluntary donate an extra £1 per week from their wages, specificaly, to help build another military hospital?....that might be a better way of seeing if they really give a ****?....let's see what the nimbys say to that, just like the reality of the Hedley court saga the other year.

    Seems to me, just like any other post war conflict that we've been in, apart from the Falklands, that a lot of people do not support or are totally indifferent to what our troops are doing, and if they actually were presented with the real financial costs that each day of being in Iraq/Stan may cost them via their taxes, they been even more unimpressed....

    MH's article quoted the defence budget and spending...that pretty much tell us a lot of what we need to know.

    Like Kipling said 'It's Tommy this and Tommy that'. I can't see a reason why that would ever be fair, why should it? Do soldiers care if a car production line has shut, throwing thousands out of work or if a factory is closing down?

    Civvys have their own problems, can't really expect them to give that much thought to ours can we?

    To a cynical old git like me,Armed forces day was a typical thoughtless government idea that evolved out of somethong dreamed up by a well meaning idiot which had no imput from the troops whatsoever.

    I have this vision of it being a event for bored parents to take their bored children, and for a squaddie being stuck, manning a stand, smiling like a loon and being polite to people that they would rather punch, when they could have been in the pub (possibly looking for other people they want to punch?) may not have been the best way of spending a saturday for most troops....however, maybe i'm wrong and i will admit that when i was involved in KAPE or open days, etc it generally went ok...apart from the bone questions.

    Perhaps they'll be some feedback from those soldiers who took part, and if they say it was worth it and a fun time was had by all, i'll take back some of what i've written.

    Here endeth the lesson.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    jagman - it wasnt my intention to highlight his views on Eurofighter and the carriers, more the general thrust of his column - I thought in that respect he said some good things.
  9. Yeh fair point Maguire. Perhaps I got a bit touchy about the wrong bit :oops:
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I can certainly see his point with regard to Typhoon and the carriers - but of course, as history has proved, it's usually the capabilities you cut today as they arent being used that you need five or ten years down the line.
  11. The point is that we cannot afford to sacrifice our ability to fight a 1st world enemy for the sake of Afghanistan.
    At the rate we are going we won't be able to defend Dover against the French in a few years time, not that we'll have o of course as Grdon is determined to hand the entire UK to the French and Germans for free.

    All this talk of binning the Carriers and selling off Typhoon's is on the assumption we will never again fght anyone with a navy or air force. That can only be lunacy of ubelievable proportions.
  12. Amen to that. The rabidly pro-Army and anti-anything else Max Hastings does as much good for the future of UK Defence joint-capability as that other eminent commentator on strategic affairs often wheeled in by the BBC, Lt Lewis Page RN (Rtd). Despite this Government's ambitious military adventurism, Defence has been relegated to part-time pauper status, compared to other departments, forcing Service chiefs to squabble over the crumbs.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Clarkson in the Sun yesterday made a good point about carriers and Typhoon etc
    He pointed out that yes they are no good in Afghanistan but then after WW2 whew knew we would be fighting in Korea?
    Then when we scrapped the large carriers in the 70's nobody knew a couple of years later we would be in the Falklands

    You just never know what's going to come along

    IMHO Armed Forces day was to give the Goverment a feel good about itself factor
    It's so Gordon Brown can feel he is doing something for the forces

    "Gordon the Army has run out of ammo and those injured lads have no hospital"
    "Ah but look at the lovely parade I've given them not to mention that nice badge"
    "Don't worry that the forces are on there arrse pat them on the back and get someone to buy them a pint that'll make everything alright"
    "What do you say CDS?"
    "EWWW Did you just cum in my mouth"
  14. I have to agree with dance_with_the_devil on that. THe Day in Chatham, particularly the Beating of the Retreat was a farce; the Senior Service showing itself again to be completely out of touch and seemingly incapable of organizing anything properly (and there was me thinking that one thing they could still do well was bunting and cocktail parties...)

    Also, considering how much Government-spun hype was generated about the Chatham event, the most senior military rep was some has-been admiral - where indeed was the esteemed head of our armed forces (if the Sapper -beret wearing fool had been there for any length of time, he'd have seen a typically 'can't be arsed' display from his beloved Red Arrows, too)...or in fact any Royal presence.

    All in all I agree with the concept of the day but if we're going to do this type of thing, for heaven's sake lets do it well.
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    K_J Suprised at the Reds putting in a poor effort
    Was it poor weather ?