max Crewman height?

:? hey guys just had my pipeline run at the recruitment center today and got 9mins 50.

i spoke to the guy at the desk , who asked what i wanted to do which was Royal armour corps. im 6ft 2 and he said that i may find it very cramped inside a chally 2 or other armour since you have to be in it for long periods.

My Question is how tall IS too tall? and would 6ft2 be dis-adventageous* to myself.

hope you guys get what im going ona bout :) and thanks for your time
My mate is a tankie and he says its more comfortable than you would think inside a C2... but he is 5'5"! Having never been inside one myself I couldn't say for sure but I would imagine there isnt a great deal of space..saying that surely anyone in the army is going to spend alot of time crammed inside Landrovers, APCs or Chinooks etc so maybe it wont make much difference.

You should post on the RAC forum.

We have plenty of six foot and above guys in the regiment (CR2). They manage with no problems, now six foot plus and a fat fatherless would pose a few issues.
cheers for the replys fellas,

ive heard soem rumours of some guys already in that you can go and have a look at a regiment before you join it to see if its what you want to go in for? - because im not 100% sure what i want to do yet, is true or they pulling my leg :(
Yes they are indeed pulling your leg.

Dont worry about it I knew loads of 6ft + guys. One however could only get to the drivers position via the turret!
A friend of mine (OE and university grad) enlisted into the ranks of the regiment that both his father and grandfather had commanded. After a while it was decided that life in a turret was not for him - being 6'7" tall - and he and the Army parted company.
Fire4effect said:
Likewise CVRT commander at 6'2" but I couldn't get in the driver's seat!
I don't think my crew would ever have allowed me in the driver's seat much as I would have liked to drive from time to time.
I'm 6"2' and going into the RAC. When I asked if I'd be too tall the sergeant said that no matter how tall you are it'll be cramped but I'm not too tall for it to be unbearable either.

Also JayCam, where can you find these RAC forums?

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