Max Clifford & his client Dewani

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by school_for_scoundrels, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. According to BBC news website, poor 31 year old Shrien has been carted in to hospital suffering from clinical depression & stress disorder, probably symptoms caused by him getting caught out. Unfortunately he was too ill to attend his recent extradition hearing.

    According to Clifford he`s been increasingly ill over the last couple of months & losing weight.

    When he comes out of hospital apparently he is probably going to need 24 hour nursing. Well that should not be a problem, he can just check in to one of his own nursing homes & enjoy 24 hour care there.

    Clifford says all Shrien wants, all the family wants, is for the truth to come out. Well get yourself on the next plane back to South Africa pal & sort it all out. Oh but he won`t get a fair trial even though the South African justice system was pretty much derived fro the UK system as the colonial power.

    Cliffords mealy mouthed, soft voiced, he needs help & sympathy, spinning for this character is enough to make you boak.

    This is what the UK panders to in 2011.

    Pass the sick bag please.
  2. Clifford does seem to like acting as spokes mouthpiece for the dodgy.

    Speaking of which, is he still the McConns mouthpiece in chief?
  3. No idea mate, but this drivel he comes out with just makes him look as big a snake in the grass as his client.
  4. Would you be bothered if you were Clifford ? he is getting a wedge for trying to portray Dewani in a good light. Even if Dewani is extradited, Clifford can't lose. Right up until his (Dewanis) dying breath Clifford will claim a miscarriage of justice and just continue to collect his pay cheque. After all he is just a publicist not a lawyer.
  5. But, according to a testimonial on his website from Professor Ray Powles, Max Clifford has extraordinary insight & integrity.

    His extraordinary insight would appear to be failing him as far as his client Dewani is concerned.

    The disingenuous guff he is putting around on behalf of Dewani does`nt have much of an air of integrity about it.

    He must need the money really badly to be twisting & distorting in such a pathetic way on behalf of this client. Someone accused of such a heinous crime, who, in his attempts to avoid being tried & facing justice, comes across as being guilty as hell or got something to hide..

    I hope Dewani stuffs enough money down his throat to choke on it. At least it will give the general public a break from having their intelligence insulted.
  6. Why on earth has this Dewani chap hired a bloke who is essentially PR? surely on all matters pertaining to a legal case you have a lawyer as spokesperson not some dubious twat who is a PR guru to the (not so) stars!
  7. Dewani will apparently do anything to avoid having to go to trial.
    Most of us would be looking for a lawyer, he looks for a PR guru in the vain hope of whipping up public support.
  8. I think he has got no chance of whipping up public support with this spurious stall he is setting out. Perhaps the dim witted amongst us might buy in to his foot dragging malingering strategy. Ooh, it`s me back you see m´lud.
  9. Well you see it`s the computer generated virtual reality show that is considered due process nowadays.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Oddly enough the Saffa judicial system is still pretty robust - it relies on judges giving a verdict rather than odd bods off the street (one can understand why of course) the whole story they are putting out reeks to high heaven though - if the guy left messages about packages of cash for the murderer one has to ask why and all one has to do is have a quick look at any insurance policies that may have been taken out on the murdered woman and who benefits from those policies if any exist.

    Good looking girl though - total waste of totty - hope he gets what's coming to him.
  11. Where, here or in SA?

    I see a lot of people thinks he's 'as guilty as a puppy sat next to a pile of poo'

    Why? what's the motive? surely if he wanted rid of the woman he just had to cancel the wedding and tell her to sod off!

    And the police have statements from the taxi driver implicating Dewani, and from one of the murderers saying there were no plans to kill her!

    So he comes back, is in shock, depression and deep mourning, as I would be if my missus was offed... and yet everyone thinks he's guilty! Why? for attempting to avoid extradition?...well so would I to be truthfull, whats his chances of a fair trial in SA? pretty low methinks, A country with a massive crime problem and a country who doesnt want a blot on its tourism industry.

    African crims rob a pair of foriegn tourists killing one in the process...bad news..can happen again. A foriegn tourist hires hitmen...not so bad news the foriegn tourist is obviously a bad bad man but not really the fault of the Africans who were tempted by such a large amount of cash..tourism sort of safer!

    Still cant see why Dewani hired that slimeball Clifford though!
  12. 1. The virtual reality show is going on in UK. He is only fighting extradition at the moment.

    2. Cancel a wedding in the asian community ? you are kidding are`nt you. Might cost a few dead bodies though.

    3. A dead wife is always cheaper than a divorced wife. He is a business man after all.

    4. He only came down with shock, depression &, sorry, I never hear anything about mourning only, after he was asked to go back to help with enquiries.

    5. I have never heard anything about kangaroo courts in SA before now. The judiciary & legals are every bit as good & respectable as our lot.

    6. Massive crime problem, yes, looks like a good place to go if you want to take advantage of those facilities to have somebody bumped off in the course of a usual day crime without anybody really looking in to it too deeply. Good cover.

    7. Tourists sometimes come to grief in SA for one reason or another, it is still a great destination, one body count more or less ? one less down to SA does`nt really change anything.

    8. I have been there, the minute I heard Dewani`s story about what happened while he was still down there, I smelled a rat, either that or they were incredibly naive & stupid & the taxi driver, a local, certainly should have known better & advised his customers against their ill judged plan. They are staying in a 5 star hotel & dining out in the best of what the winelands has to offer, but the suddenly decide to make a detour in to Guguletu township on the way back to Cape Town to get up real close with the squalor of the real SA in the dead of night ? I do`nt really think they are the kind of people who would find that really interesting unless they were doing a thesis or something. It is just not something anybody with any common sense about their own personal safety would dream of doing in such circumstances.

    9. Then, when car jacked, the villains conveniently just ask him & the taxi driver to step out & drive off with her ? You ask them all to get out if you want the car or rob the lot of them as well for good measure. No real need to go driving off with her, unless they wanted some sexual favours, but still real motivation to kill her unless of course that was what they were hired to do.

    10. Clifford can espouse a pathetic implausible story in a believable manner whilst keeping a straight face i.e. slimeball !
  13. Given the SA justice minister's statement on their current affairs programme, the concept of a fair trial is not one that is involved in this case! He's guilty as perceived, take him down constable...
  14. From what I heard the SA justice minister was just stating the current position i.e. we want him back because he is suspected of an awfull crime, which is correct. Since when does that become a judgement about him being guilty ?

    The US & UK were saying much the same thing about why they wanted Megrahi back. I suppose you could argue that was prejudicial too. Dewani obviously is`nt too bothered about prejudicial sub-judice comment himself because he has got Clifford out prejudging the case on his behalf to the press !
  15. Ooops not the Justice minister. Nobody could object to his expression of a desire for a fair trial from an independent judiciary. It's what you would want after all from a sovereign state. It was the National Prosecution Advisor - who I assume is the equivalent of the CPS honcho whose statement was “the facts here are that the accused that is sought to be extradited came to the country and committed what is a very heinous crime” Which is one step up from the police chief's "monkey" comments...