Max Clifford arrested



God exists, and is looking to charge MacShane as well! I think I may go to church this Sunday to thank the old man upstairs.


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I shall laugh all the way to the pub, and then all the way home too.

What was it he said, something along the lines of "there are loads of stars from the 70's and 80's who have approached me for advice and who are worried by this investigation" .

Methinks that he didn't see this coming.
Suspicion of sexual offences. Watch out what you tweet.
I imagine Twitterville will be very quiet following the Newsnight fiasco.

That said Clifford is a slippery customer so it would amuse me to see him wriggle out of any accusations and go full on megaton on any dozzy ****** thick enough to gob off about him.

I wonder what pearls he's got hidden on his PC?
Less than 24 hrs after his interview on the BBC following the hoax call to the clinic... Part of the third pillar, next to Savile and Savile plus. Why are there always three pillars? That particular Rozzer must have done an MBA

The BBC is doing well.
You fly with the crows you get shot with the crows.

However, Not defending him but its early days seeing as its only an arrest, once charged & convicted then there's good reason to rejoice..
Well as no charges have yet been announced, and as much as some would love a certain charge to stick on thie odious individual, it could well be the fact he's covered up for people during past investigaitons that has led to his latest encounter with the Tree Surgeons of Op Yewtree. Then again...

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