Max Clifford arrested......whose next?

See other thread on this very subject. Perhaps I should have made the thread title a bit more obvious?!
Maybe it's time for a sexual offences forum (sub forums alleged and proven)


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MC must have so much confidential sh!t on the great and good .. could be an interesting New Year.
Max Clifford arrested?



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Wonder who's next on Ian Hislop's private list that he can't publish.
I wonder if they could find some dirt on Piers Morgan.
His time will come, a lot of people will rejoice in his downfall. The dirty lying cnut.
Maybe it's time for a sexual offences forum (sub forums alleged and proven)
None for 'techniques'?

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
Dont Private Eye call him Piers Moron?
Yes, but unfortunately person 1 being rude to person 2 doesn't get person 2 prison time.

Unfair, I know, but thems the rules
Bernie Ecclesbum's VERY old. He's also loaded. And probably can't account for where he was on the night of (picks random date from calendar) 14th Feb 1972. Valentine's Night and I was only 10.

hmm.... I wonder if I could get away with saying he looked at me in a funny way from the TV screen and I've been traumatised ever since? Worth a shot.....
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