Max body weight for Para's?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Topper, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. Could anybody out there tell me the current maximum body weight for Para's? I'm a little out of date, last time I looked you where jumping Irvines, but I believe they all went up in smoke some time ago, and you've got nice shiny new rigs now.
    Any details much appreciated.
  2. I take it thats all up jump weight?

    350 pounds all up, but it always goes over
    Thats 1x body, LLP, res, PLP, kit, weapon.

    Hope that helps
    Let me know if you need anymore :wink:
  3. Cheers Ladyboy,

    I dont suppose you know if that is an increase on the old Irvine? I may be talking out of my arse, but for some reason I seem to recall that the all-up weight for body, kit & weapon, was 250lb, and that personal weight wasnt allowed to excede 175lb (12.5 st) allowing for 75lb of kit, excluding canopies, which were then factored in seperately.

    Thanks again
  4. who cares, airborne warfare is a thing of the past
  5. you should be alright whatever. Like the man said it's 350lbs thats the weight the chute can take. If your over 14.5 stone i think they might have to keep tabs on you but you'll be ok. Blokes at least fifteen stone when i was down at brize
  6. Well, I cant fault that well reasoned argument. Your colouring book and crayons are in the post. :roll:
  7. Only jokin mate, was that a bit of a bite. Got some good mates in 1, 3 and 7 RHA, don't take it personally
  8. Yeh, I'll be fine, despite my advancing years, I'm still a sylph like 154lb. I was just curious. :wink:
  9. Well, just a little nibble perhaps! :oops: :lol:
  10. No harm done mate
  11. Airborne warfare probably IS a thing of the ( Glorious ) past - particularly when you consider how widespread the SAM-7, STINGER etc are. A hercload of some of the worlds best trained and most effective soldiers is an easy target for some illiterate with five minutes training - pull, point, wait for the growl, squeeze and watch the Infidels die.

    Airmobile, however.. Oh yes. Oh yes. 3-D, 6400 mil battlespace, JTIDS etc.
  12. Granted, Airborne training however, does select and produce troops with that little something extra. When you need to go that bit further, faster and do a tricky job with limited resources, well you know what I'm saying... :)

    The pis sing contest has been done too many times before. Anybody wants to take this up, head on down to the NAAFI.


    Inf Mod
  14. Thats me off to bed early, with no dinner! I'll get my Care-bears parka.....
  15. ..oh all right, you can come back down stairs again.

    'twas just a word of warning to potentially churlish posters who may have kicked off yet another them and us argument, which for anyone who's been around the board for a while is boring.