Max age for Pilot ??????

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by wellyhead, May 7, 2006.

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  1. No I don't want to become a winged god I just have a query.

    The missus has a work mate whose hubbys in and is, as the wife has been informed, going to transfer to become a pilot. No probs with that, except he's in in late 30's with only a few to push. Also not much of a flyer rank wise.

    Now a mate of mine who was a very young sgt applied for the pilots course years ago, did all the tests and homework etc no problem, but was refused due to age, he was late 20's (or was it early 30's ????)

    Question is, has the levels dropped (in an age sense) or is this guys bullshitting his missus. Another story going is he is posted to Germany but she can't join him for some 6 months due to lack of pads

    So on the level ? minor Walter ? or chancing it with the old lady ??
  2. Off the cuff - walt.

    29 was the last age limit heard from this callsign.

    Standing by to be corrected!
  3. Back in the 70's I just made it at 26. Late 30's...............Sorry but I think the chap is a tad past it.
  4. The age limit was temporarily raised to 32 a few years back because of a shortage. There has also been one or two exceptions depending on background but still not in the late 30's. By background I mean quite a special background, with much to offer.

    I think he just wants to be away from the Mrs.
  5. i believe the age limit is currently: Under 30 on the day you start the pilots course (down from 34 in around 1999/2000), although if they really want you at the interview, they have been known to stretch this by 6 months or so. i would hazard a guess that only way he is "going pilot" in his late 30s is if he is doctor, looking to become a specialist in aviation medicine (SAM). which you imply he isn't :)

    sounds like a complete bullshitter.
  6. Just been through AAC Pilot selection at Cranwell etc... And max age is 29, and thats at the courses start. Bullsh*tting, without a doubt. :roll:
  7. As someone who views flying with a wary eye what is the max age a pilot can stay on flying duties or does it all depend on when things start getting slower/confused ?
  8. If you're wary of flying i reckon you won't like this... A pilot can stay active for years, their isn't any real limit to it if they maintain their full ability. I know a guy in the AAC who is 51 and still active on both Gazelle and Lynx. 8O Scary? 8)
  9. in the Army - 55
  10. I was 29 years old and married accompanied , with 2 rugrats when I started my Pilkots course in 1979.... I was in the frame ' guaranteed to fail'.... I only passed to piss 'em off!
  11. I was 29 years old and married accompanied , with 2 rugrats when I started my Pilots course in 1979.... I was in the frame ' guaranteed to fail'.... I only passed to piss 'em off!
  12. And now you've just got alzheimers?
  13. And now you've just got alzheimers? :wink:
  14. All of tyhe older pilots (i.e. 45+) that i've met in the AAC have been really good blokes, and they've all seemed to be up and together, no probs. Probably some of the best pilots in the AAC due to the amount of experience many have had with aircraft, especially those who were LE officers, they have plenty of experience.
  15. Full ability doesn't come into it. The only way out of Aviation Standards would appear to be a wooden box. :?