Max age for joining TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Roogie, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know the Max age for joining the TA? I guess i'm good at transport / logistics and was a recovery driver / mechanic for years too but i'm 33 in October this year and not sure if i could join?
  2. 72. 87 if you have previous regular service.
  3. You may be a little too old.
    I think the maximum age for joining the TA is 29, it would be worth contacting your local unit and asking them as I could be wrong or they might make an exception.
    I assume you want join because of your farther, if the TA wont take you then think about becoming an adult instructor for the cadets. I don’t know what their cut off age is, but you might get a lot of satisfaction out of developing children into responsible adults if they’ll take you.
  4. Having left the Regs last year after 13 and a bit years and a SNCO how long can i leave it to join the TA and retain my rank? is there an age limit if you have previously been a regular??
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    From the MoD website

    >>You need to be at least 17 years old in order to join the TA. The upper age limit depends on what you have to offer but it is normally 30 for those joining as an officer and 32 as a soldier. There are exceptions to the upper age limit for those with certain specialist skills or previous military experience.<<

    Abacus would be the chap to ask though.
  6. Rank has an expiry date of 2 years ISTR.

    Depends on the unit though. Will they have space for another SNCO? Although there's usually something can be done.
  7. It depends on slots available, the norm I've seen in the last umpteen years, is a drop in rank, do a course, and back again. I simplify , but that seems to be generally what happens. Though conversely , I've seen Regular Army come in, and actively encouraged to take courses for the next rank, especially if they are newly out and good with it.

    As regards age , unit discretion. Gap from Regular Army to having to do TA phase II (INF) again , I think is 18 months? Most guys over a year out seem to want to do it again though , to get back in the swing.

    NB. Just noticed you're a Reccymech . That'll be as Biscuits says, about 90 as the limit. They're worth their weight in Platinum :D
  8. I will contact my local unit i reckon and that's good advice about cadet instruction - yes it's partly because of my Dad and partly because i'm very bored with the daily grind and want to do something before i hit 43 and really have let EVERY opportunity slip by. When iwas 22 i almost joined the reg's and have always slightly regretted not doing so. I guess i have quite a few skills to offer, my best being i can drive any vehicle under the sun given 30 minutes practice and decent instruction just once. My Mechanical skills are pretty good and problem solving / diagnostic stuff is right up my alleyway, so i'll ask tomorrow and post thier response if i get one.
  9. Just signed a guy up at 34.
  10. I always thought the max age for TA was nine hundred and seventy twelve?
  11. Yes you can join. If you are already qualified as a recy mech and want to follow in your dad's footsteps then you could do a lot worse than joining the specialist TA at REME CVHQ. I would be very surprised though if you weren't surrounded by units with LADs desperate for people of your quals - especially as you are only just outside the guideline upper age limit (and before anyone starts on at me about TA Regs, read the introduction where it says "these are for guidance")

    The easiest justification of the lot for any dubious permanent staff reading this is to ask yourself what would be the best investment of Her Majesty's training resources:

    a) an untrained 32 year old who might be FFR in 2 to 3 years aged 35 - 36 (and that's easy because it's in the rules isn't it)?


    b) a trades trained 33 year old who will be FFR in 1 to 2 years aged 34 - 35

    Roogie - what you waiting for, go and make your dad proud!
  12. Some signals units will take you up to 40.

    I see some of the TA guys who have died of heart failure in Iraq have been 40 or 41 -and in the Infantry.
    That's too old to be in the infantry.
  13. Abacus old chap. I have just done a key word search in General Conditions of Enlistment and could not find the string ‘for guidance’ anywhere. Be keen to see where it says that, purely for my own education. Get TROVE of your RAOWO and quote with confidence.

    The correct answer for the REME is 37. Annex C to Chaper 5 refers, so if the original poster is keen to join the REME, fill yer boots. If they tell you are too old, get the number for CVHQ in Bordon Hants, they will take you for sure (assuming that you meet all the usual requirements).

    Recent weeks have had me spend time only to discover unspent convictions that would be prejudicial to service, and an epileptic!
  14. I paraphrased earlier.
  15. There's also

    Recruits 30
    Officers 26
    Ex-regular at the COs discretion

    45 for ex-regular

    55 for ex-regular