Max Age for Commando Course (V)

Hi all, I'm just after a bit of information if anybody knows or can help me. I've been wanting to join the TA for a few years now and I have made a few enquiries to units in the past but I've never actually applied as my job was constantly moving. Now I'm in a position where I am settled I have been looking yet again to join. As I work in the Bristol area I have been looking at a couple of the Commando units but at the age of 35, am I now too old to do it? I am an ex Infantry soldier (been out 8 years) and I've always kept a base level of fitness which I'm building up now so I feel I am up to it physically. I have called someone about this and emailed another but I have had no reply as of yet so I was hoping to settle my curiosity here. Thanks in advance.
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I have been looking at the Army ones such as 266 Royal Artillery and 131 Royal Engineers.
There was once a docu called The 50 or 55 Year Old Commando. A reporter, Chris Terril, filmed a batch of Royal Marine recruits and All Arms Commando guys going thru their paces at Lympstone. He asked if he could attempt the commando tests, and they let him do it. He got his Green Lid, and even went out to Afghanistan with the Royal Marines for a while.
Thanks Bad CO.

i just wanted to add that my original question was regarding wether I would be "allowed" to do the course, not if I would be capable of doing it at my age.




It is a phrase often quoted on here, but in your case it is the only answer:

Go into the TA centre and talk to the appropriate person there, be that recruiting NCO, PSI or PSAO. They will tell you the real answer, and will be able to make a decision based on your service history, and more importantly how you present yourself to them in terms of being a realistic prospect.

As with most things in life, there are the rules as stated in the paperwork, the ones shown on the internet and then the rules that can be applied if people want them to!
I'm led to believe the cut off is 35 years of age ex reg or not, seems daft but there you go. I think 131 tried to get their older lads around this restriction but I'm led to believe the rules were religiously enforced.
There's no way of saying this without sounding like a knob, BUT.... I was allowed to attempt (and passed) TA AACC at 39.5 yrs old in 1999.

*It only took a whole year of prep - as in feckin 2hrs full on running and circuits, 4 days a week min.

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