Max age for 4 para

Hi guys,

Can I just run this by you

What is the max age limit for 4 Para for an ex regular. (I served four years as a driver in the RLC leaving in 1999 if relivent) I'm currently 36 years old.

Many thanks for any info
Pm'd for security reasons of name I have been given mate. Good protocol but I can see how it may seem ignorant. This isn't the case though.


The maximum age for joining 4 Para is theoretically the same as the rest of the TA.

The stumbling block at 36 is not your age, but potentially your fitness. If you run the risk reducton run (2.4km) at your TA Recruit Selection weekend (TARS) in under 9.30 you stand a fair chance of getting through the training, and will definately need to be under 10 minutes to even be considered for acceptance on the cadre.


Kola said:
Ha ha. Fair point.

I aim to do Para 10 before I even apply. Maybe I'll see you there?
Not a hope. Far too much like hard work!

Joking aside, if you are a 10 minute or under 2.4km runner, don't wait until then to apply. The recruit training programme is demanding but progressive, and will get you to the level of fitness you need to have for P Coy, provided you apply yourself in your own time.

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