Mawkish but maybe.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OldRedCap, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. might amuse some.and it's a better target than fig 11
    Edited one time - I had to stop and go throw up
  2. Do you read 'Guns & Ammo'? or is this just a one off?

    Well, seeing as it's poetry I'll submit my old favourite, the anthem to Heinz Beanz:

    Heinz Beanz are good for your heart,
    the more you eat....the more you fart,
    the more you fart.....the better you feeeeeeel
    so eat Heinz Beanz with evvvvveeeeeerrryyyyy meal!

    Or we can have 'Hackles tune':

    I didn't mean to forge that letter
    i thought that i'd only make things better
    but now I'm doing an 18 stretch
    and prison porridge makes me retch
    and every day I have to cower
    when i meet Bubba in the shower
    'cos ah'm his bitch, he told me soooo!
    nowhere to run, no where to goooo!,
    we're playing mums and dads at 6 o'clock
    I'm dad this time, but ah've gotta suck mums coooooooock!
    It's fcking rough in Straaaaaaaaaaangewaaaaaaaaaaays!

    One for BBC

    I'm on a diet
    I thought that I would try it
    I'd like to be a size 10
    so I could attract all the men
    but I like to eat more than plenty
    so looks like I'm stuck at Size 20!
    Happy Christmas Frey Bentos, Happy Christmas to you!

    Happy Christmas fans!