MAVs - Micro Air Vehicles that detect IEDs

MAV's - Micro Air Vehicle's that can detect IED's

As we all know the deadliest hazzard to british troops posted to Afganistan is the ever present danger posed
by hidden IEDS ( Improvised Explosive Devices )
The IED's are without doubt the single biggest cause of casulties for troops posted to Afganistan and any
device or gizmo's that can be deployed to reduce the risk would be more than welcome.

I'm sure most British troops are aware of the MAV's ( Micro Air Vehicle's ) that were deployed by the
US Army in Iraq to detect snipers and other hidden ambushes.
Perhaps less well know is the MAV's development by DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency )
the US agency responsible for producing the latest technological innovations and gizmos for the US Defence
Dept & Military.

Well the DARPA MAV's have proven capabilities to detect IED's from the air by the use of camaras
that can identify disturbed areas of ground and sensors tuned to detect explosives.

The technologicall innovations developed by DARPA was broadcast in a docmentary on
satellite TV. An American general upon hearing that a MAV has been developed to detect
IED's immediately contacted DARPA, requesting the craft be deployed immediately to his men in Afganistan.

THE BIG QUESTION IS - are the British going to get the hovering
IED detecting MAV's as well ???????

Honeywells MAV's protect troops against IED's
Definite potential here, lets hope the costs can get down to sensible per unit prices.

Perhaps we should buy one and talk to the Chinese, and talk about patents later!!

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