Mauser K98 Ejector wanted "Urgent"

As i seem to be having no luck through the normal channels, i was wondering if you good sirs would be able to help me find an ejector for a Mauser K98K.
A good friend / civvy shooter i know has managed to banjax his ( i did'nt ask how ) and said i would help him find a replacement. Well it's turning out to be rather difficult than i first thought as i cant find one either !.

If any one can help or point me in the right direction, many thanks / beer etc :D
You could try and contact this seller and see if it is still available.

Tartan_Terrier said:
'Your mate' hasn't looked very hard has he?

Numrich will ship to the UK as long as the total price is under 100 USD and is free of restrictions. You should be fine with these.

That place is huge. It's right in the middle of a quiet little neighborhood in a small town upstate. Your driving by little houses and all of a sudden there are these WWI Krupp Field pieces sitting there in front of the office. I was able to source an Original SMLE windage adjustable rear sight from them for 5 bucks.

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