Maurice Mennie is back to his Walting ways

I have recently seen on another thread that Big Mo Mennie is back flogging his walty stuff on Ebay.

He now goes under the name of gpmggunner, if you remember he changed his ebay name from rmpcop to stab1479 in an attempt to cover his tracks.

What he is doing now is selling waltstuff under his gpmggunner name and bidding the prices up using his stab1479 name so clearly he is commiting fraud again.

Maurice, we said we would keep an eye on you!!!

look at the stuff he has been selling/buying

and more..

This is definatly him, the style of his sale pages is the same, the backdrop to his photos are the same and his spelling errors are the same.

Mo, are you ready for round two??

for those of you who didnt see this walt get outed you see it here,
however the thread is locked as we gave Mo a chance to sorthimself out, but now he is back to his old ways. We disgraced this cnut on a national scale in July, we need to do it again and finish the tw@t.
SAS beret? christ you best watch out!!! He will sniff you out like a dirty dog!
I love this little gem;

and who asked him this?
Q: Is the beret sand coloured?? Regards, Steve 26-Sep-07
A: does the picture show it being sand coloured?
Maurice Mennie deserved everything he got on the last thread not for being a walt per se but for using a false claim of having attended a military funeral to flog a set of 2s. Disgraceful behaviour and he was rightly ripped to bits because of it.

BUT...what exactly has he done wrong here, other than to try to flog some bits of kit like thousands of others on ebay? I don't see any walt claims of the kind that got him eviscerated last time.
He 'won' one of his own auctions. Twat.
could he give himself negative feedback?
Sorry - my last post must have passed you by. The man is a tw+t of the highest order but what exactly has he done wrong here?
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