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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Hmm... Don't see why they shouldn't be compensated, everybody else in this country is, at least they have a half decent reason...

    On a serious note, although these people may have been mistreated, i really disagree with physical or violent rebellion, which this rebellion was:

  2. Another job opportunity for the wide mouth frog :x
  3. I suppose next it will be the Argies wanting compensation for the Emasculation of their "machismo" at Goose Green?
  4. Have a look at what Mr Martin Day, a London based lawyer (and now the Mau Mau vets appointed lawyer) has been pushing in the previous few years:

    1. Local Kenyans allegedly maimed, injured etc by unexploded munitions left on ranges used by the British Army in Kenya.
    2. Local Kenyans allegedly raped by British Army personnel during various exercises.
    3. Mau Mau vets allegedly tortured by British personnel

    etc etc......On to a good thing out there are you Mr Day?
  5. F 'em. Standard African "give me money, mzungu" effort. Fifty years after the event, too. Must be slow thinkers.
  6. The Kenyatta and Moi goverments were loath of former Mau Mau members because they believed they(Mau Mau) had enough popular support to forment trouble if they chose to.So,those two presidents spent most of these years (the period between '63 and 2002) keeping most of these guys under house arrest and generally making their lives so miserable they couldn't seriously consider raising the issue with the UK about compesation.

    Only after the Moi era ended did they find the opportunity to speak out.Most of these veterans of the war of independence are long dead.The few that remain have no real influence other than within their local villages.They have no nationwide voice and hence any real impact from this claim for compensation is bound to amount to very little.

    However silly as all this might sound, these are the foot soldiers who pushed back when the world's greatest empire (at that time) overstayed its welcome.Like anyone intruded upon they just wanted to be free to choose their destiny.Too bad their struggles and sacrifices were hijacked by others who then proceeded to put them in the backburner and totally ignored their contributions.Typical African story really.

    The British goverment would do very well to make some kind of symbolic acknowledgement of this men who stood up when their country needed them.A lot of these guys fought in the second world war for the British empire.

    Believe you me when I say, these people dont want money.Most of them have a foot in the grave anyway.They are just looking for closure.Nothing would make them happier than if the Brits did something like build a school or a hospital and dedicate it to freedom.

    Sounds trite I know but freedom is what many of them died for.
  7. "all claims and responsibilities pass to the Kenyan government on independence and, second, after 50 years or so it would be impossible for there to be a fair trial of the issues,"

    Aye KO carry on.
  8. Since it's been so long we should pardon the Nazis, huh?

    My sincere apologies to all the Limeys in the house.I'm just trying to make a point. :D
  9. Honestly, send a team to look into it, if they were really horribly mistreated compared to the standard of the times and when compared against what they were doing to the settlers, their own people, our chaps ect.

    If there is some major disparity, then we should accept it, apologise and do a bit in retribution, after all, I'm sure we can afford it.

    However if its just them looking to make some cash, cause a bit of trouble etc, tell them to **** off.

    Britain has a history of being brutal at times, but then we also have a history of having to deal with savages, so most of the time it is action-reaction.
  10. DD naught boy, don't try to confuse the issue,I posted a few lines from the artical which where from the Brit Government lawyer.
    The Kenyans want independance they got it and according to the lawyer they inherited the 'Responcibilities'.
    I do think all the limeys will accept your appology.
    However litigation may be nessasary.
  11. Do I need a lawyer?
  12. Cant we just hand them a fiver and a bag of rice?

  13. Nice try.No. We-I mean they-want at least two bags of rice and 20 sterling pounds worth of gold.No more no less.
  14. Ok, we'll give them a nice new £50 note and 5 bags of rice, BUT they have to take Tony and that wife of his.