Mau Mau Uprising PsyWar - Help needed

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Psypher, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. I'm just researching British psychological warfare during the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya and thought I'd share these propaganda leaflets here.

    I really need to get translations of them so if anyone can help with Swahili and/or Gikuyu, please let me know!

    The first one is a Safe Conduct Pass, both date from mid-1955 by which time the insurgency was pretty much under control.


  2. And the second one which was disseminated over the Aberdare forest.


  3. Sorry - But I don't actually speak Swahili. This sounds like a very interesting project; why are you doing it and what is involved?
  4. Hi Fatstab,

    I'm editor of The Falling Leaf - the magazine of the PsyWar Society and also run the website . We research and publish articles on the history of psychological warfare and PSYOP. I'm not getting too deeply involved in the Mau Mau Uprising, my friend wants to do a write up on these leaflets rather like the article he did for PsyWar during the Falklands:

    It's proving a little tricky to obtain translations of these leaflets, so I'm asking around. Nothing in the National Archives either on PsyWar during this period.
  5. Interesting stuff. I always wanted to know what psyops was.
  6. Have a read of Kitson's Bunch of Five. Thought of staging the administration of the Mau Mau Oath?
  7. It's typically a subject misunderstood. Hopefully my website puts it into context. Without are the mind-control nonsense :lol:

    Thanks I'll check it out. His Gangs and Counter-gangs is a great read too, I've just finished reading it.
  8. A good bunch of guys. We've been in contact over the last couple of years but they are a little pre-occupied at the moment I believe.

    From you avatar I see you have an interest too is this type of thing?

    A now have a partial translation of the leaflets. Interesting stuff.
  9. PsyWar,
    Yup. Got the Tee shirt and all that. PM me for a chat some time and we can trade silly stories and people we know.
  10. I can help you - marginally. The second, third and fourth pages are in Kikuyu. The first has all three; English (Wah!), Kikuyu and KiSwahili, saying the same thing.

    Pity they aren't all in KiSwahili, or I'd have given you a translation. I know a little Maasai but nothing in KiKuyu.
  11. PM sent.

    Thanks WB for establishing that they are mostly Kikuyu, rather than KiSwahili, which helped to steer me in the right direction to get them translated.

    I now have one of the leaflets completely translated and about 75% of the other. I'll post a link to them shortly.

    PS I'm always interested to hear from veterans of any of Britain's "Small Wars" who had any involvement with PsyWar / PSYOP, dropping or finding propaganda leaflets. (Especially Suez / Malaya / Kenya / Falklands ).