Mau mau because we've not apologised for a bit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jarrod248, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Kenyan life expectancy is currently about 62 years. Surviving claimants must be at least that.

    The average monthly wage in Kenya is about £60.

    Lets be generous and offer £30 a month to anybody still living who can prove that they were harmed by British troops and weren't involved with Mau Mau. Subject, of course, to the Kenyan government offering the same amount to those who were harmed by Kenyan troops or police or who were involved with Mau Mau.

    It wouldn't happen, would it?
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  2. The trouble we've got is that when we give money to other nations, those doing the calculations use the numbers that are relevant to the UK cost of living and then apply the tourist exchange rate.

    And they forget why we got involved and who it was who actually did the nasty stuff.
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    being africa there would be a flood of fake claims as usual even though the documentation is supposed to be rather efficient. I trust they require living witnesses in the form of grandparents.

    I agree on the nasty stuff and while we did nick their country it was the imposition of minorities to power which pissed them off more. bit like syria
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  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean, but there shouldn't be many cases of claims by offspring for castration of their parents.

    And even if there were, how would it affect them? It wouldn't affect their job prospects or inheritance.
  5. Who is suing us and why are we pandering to them, surely a well put, **** Off and hit the ignore button is all that is needed.

    Is it possible to take Germany to court because one of their governments once killed and maimed a few Jewish people 70 years ago?
  6. You clearly fail to understand that the victor can't ever have been the victim. Fault lies with the victor. Reparations can only be applied by the loser to the victor, the Treaty of Versailles showed what can happen if you don't abide by this rule.
  7. I'm sure the Mau Mau will in turn be compensating the families of the thousands of helpless people they butchered....
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  8. FFS, next we will be apologising to IRA members
  9. I thought we already had!!
  10. I F'in hope not.
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I know its early but its fairly obvious I was saying they should able to bring their grandparents as witnesses not that their grandchildren would claim on their behalf
  12. I wonder if any compo was paid out after all those people got massacred in the intercommunal violence after their presidential elections a few years back.
    My guess is, no.
  13. i am not the brightest at mathematics, but I see a figure of 13.9 milion mentioned divided by 5200
    so they get approx 2600, or five times the national average wage
    but I wonder how many of them have to pay fees out of that ?
    and I expect a new group to descend upon them with various money making scams to assist them to look after the money, it is Africa after all
    I once worked with a guy who survived an attack from them, just, he took his shirt of one day, I have never seen so many scars
    he was well into his 60s a huge strong bloke and he said only his strength kept him alive and the intervention of friends, but they massacred his family and his workers and his cattle
    if he were alive i would expect a fairly harsh comment from him about it !
  14. I'm sure the paddy's will start claiming soon, industrial poisoning from handling ANFO or skin condition from putting on badly knitted balaclava's.