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I am planning on going to university as a mature student next year, I am 21 and looking to join the army as an officer when I graduate. However, despite having a degree I won't have the 2 A levels required as a minimum qualification. Does this mean that I can't join as an officer or is that a 'minimum' grade and a degree would see me qualify? Thanks for any help.


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You don't have to be in school to get A-levels. I know blokes from my old reserve unit with degrees who couldn't become officers because they didn't have enough A-levels, so they might not let you, but I know one who went and did evening classes to get the required grades, then left and got commisioned into the Regular Army. Not ideal, but a possible solution if you can spare the time while at uni. After all, you'll be there for 3 years.


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With a degree you won't need A Levels.


I was under the impression that A-Levels were the requirement, the general assumption is that most people who have a degree already have A-Levels, so you're probably best checking with the AFCO. I know for graduate entrants they still request A-Level certificates, both Navy and Army.


Bordtea, I wasnt being totally serious, dont worry. My brother is in the RN, and my understanding is they are very particular on UCAS points, even if you have a degree. The army, however, can be more flexible if you have a degree, but Id advise getting A levels privately and then going in, rather than f*ckin about with a degree for several years if you are a "mature student".


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Obviously a degree is worth more UCAS points than A levels.

A-Levels and/or UCAS points are the tarrif used to qualify for a degree through the UCAS system. While the degree shows perhaps a higher level of ability, it is not worth any UCAS points.

The problem may be, that regardless of any other qualifications he has, he does not have the required amount of UCAS points (i.e. the basic requirement, it's no use being able to tab 20 miles if you cannot hit the required 1.5mile time to join for example).

The online chat system on the Army website may help, hope it works out for you. Someone in a similar situation there, general opinion seems to be that the Army may be flexible.

Alternatively consider jumping on an A-Level course as a private candidate for the exams coming up in June 2009, if you have time to study you could come away with the minimum 140(160?) UCAS points fairly easily. If you book in good time AQA charge £13.00 per exam (13x18exams = £234 for all 3 A-Levels (most employers who want UCAS require your UCAS from no more than 3 A-Levels). 2x E and 1xD would give you 140 UCAS points for example...a very attainable target (see here)

Beware of these companys that want £300+ to 'teach' you for a subject (such as ICS learn, learn direct, oxford college etc), they simply send you a self study pack that contains information you could buy in a book from WHSmith for £10.

I've done the whole private candidate thing myself so PM if you need any more info.

Good luck either way.

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