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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vinniethemanxcat, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Comments have already been made, I tried to e- mail them, but my limited skills failed.....

    "Is that hideous bottle blonde that looks like she's been made over by a funeral director a good advert for your outfit..... every time I see her she makes my fucking skin crawl."

    Couldn't get it posted.

    Any one else care to try, she just shouldn't be on the net, in one possibly......
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  2. They ain't selling it to be quite Frank....In fact I reckon that one is called Frank

  3. Message back from site....Dont be so rude - tis true my 'clopper' has healed up - are you the spanner to reopen it XXXXXXXX

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  4. I prefer this one, although she must have wrists like a rugby forward to wear all that bling.

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  5. AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!

    That fucking head........ the sister that Worzel Gummidge doesn't loike to talk about.
  6. Mmm strong wrist muscles eh.? Could be very useful that.
  7. Anyone know how to get Adblock on an iPhone?
  8. Why do you struggle opening jars?
  9. Pictures not to your taste or something?
  10. That orangeagran gave me conjunctivitis due to continual exposure.
  11. I'd smash it
  12. Sure, but would you take her to bed first?
  13. I'd rather give her a quick knee-trembler down a side alley, wipe my cock on her skirt afterwards, and back to the bar for a pint.
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  14. Just like any other ARRSE crawl then. But getting more refined in your old age eh, wiping your cock now, there's posh.
  15. Have you missed your meds today ? Get back to your old self by downing four litres of Diamond White please.