Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Made a comment about a powerpoint presentation on this site Roadshow Presentation

    It states the TA was better than regulars on the new tests (also had this confirmed by a PM)

    Whats wrong with that???

    To me that would indicate we are spending far too much time on tests and should be doing other training instead.
  2. perhaps they put in more effort?
  3. from the site: right click the link, select save target as and you get the notes pages as well.
  4. What exactly do they mean by "warned for operations" in the difference between levels the TA have to take? Because if TA just have to take level 2 unless preparing to go on ops or serving with a reg unit, we won't have to shoot the APWT, which is, frankly, fcuking ridiculous.

  5. No requirement for an APWT unless warned for ops may well lead to very little time being put in for range work, so that when eventually warned off we'll be hopeless and the westside boys will probably have better fire discipline/accuracy.

    Still, there's plenty more time for the soldiers to be out doing their pft's etc, I can see this is going to cut out some of our larger brethren who manage fine through CFT and have even been on ops, several times, but I can hardly see getting less than 12 mins on the 2.4k's. Indeed does this mean that you will not be mobilised if you cannot attain green standard, as the bounty is a reflection of availabillity for service?

    Will there be elements open to the CO's discretion as with the current batch of ITD's?
  6. So TA Inf OK. :) Otherwise we wouldn't be able to do any field firing.