Anyone know if these are available on-line or do I need to wait till I get on DII tomorrow?
Log onto armynet when you get to the gateway page, select apps there is a selection in there.
Cheers Caarps, just wanted to check the PFA requirements for the older gentleman.
If only. But frankly the over 55's requirements are not exactly onerus.
if you can get onto defence gateway then it's all on there, there is a script, films , tests papers etc.
Defence gateway
It all went super wrong when they lost the best Chief Clerk ever, and MATTS_Author got shitcanned.

Training Consultancy for UK Army's Directorate of Training Case Study - Edif ERA

I'll do some more digging in the morning. If my neighbours ever shut up.
How much did we pay them to deliver 6 sets of paperwork that will enable us to to do some more paperwork prior to actually planning and delivering some training?

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Ok for any in the same situation;

"need the MATT lessons on your personal computer due to shit IT/training wing or you are just that sad."

They are all on BAEBB (always up to date) via defense gateway. they look like the instructor notes but if you open them in adobe acrobat reader the power point lessons are in-bedded in the PDF file. You just need to select presentation in the layers tab.

Download the videos separably vie the same link.

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