After a long break from regular service (14 years) I have joined a national TA unit, because of my skills and trade quals i've been excused recruit training as long as I can pass MATTs level 1 in the next 12 months. Can anyone PM me the breakdown of MATTs at level 1 so I can get a heads up on what i need to brush up on. i have searched the forum and i'm still awaiting a response from my PSI.

You can find the MATTS packages on armynet.

Outdoorman I have just joined a TA national unit and like yourself had been out of the army for 10+ years, I recently spent 2 weeks away doing my MATTS to level 1 with a regular unit (part of the same TA unit). Basically this consisted of weapon handling test, Ranges (old APWT equivalent), CRBN (NBC chamber and IA drills to ypu and me), Battlefield Casualty Drills, Navigation (map reading skills and then orienteering for the day), SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract), OP Law and Values. The last 3 are just videos with some question afterwards.

I was a bit worried before hand but I was amazed how quickly it all came back and I think I shot better than I ever did when I was in the regs. The first aid has changed slightly but you get shown what to do first and its all pretty common sense. The last thing I have to do is the fitness PFA (old BFT with press ups and sit ups) and AFT (CFT). Level one will require you to do the 8 mile AFT with whatever your unit weight is.

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