MATTs replace ITDs

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by warcorro, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. I understand ITD's are the latest thing to get the heave -ho and be replaced with the new labour version, Military annual training tests. As I understand, there are six MATTS, replacing 12 ITDs. And the level you have to achieve depends on your unit level of readiness, with different levels for regs and TA. Anyone know what the six MATTs are?, and has anyone dseen or done an assessment of what impact it means on trg progs. I understand they only have to attempted, not passed. No slipping of standards there, then.
  2. Not gospel but this is what I was told earlier this year:

    First Aid
    Map Reading

    all the rest are going to be annual briefs

    Note no NBC - will be done prior to Ops if reqd.
  3. I have heard that the MATTs will replace the existing ITDs from Apr 06. They will consist of 6 seperate MATTS.

    1. Shooting
    2. Fitness
    3. First aid
    4. CBRN (NBC in old money)
    5. Map reading (New)
    6. Values and Standards or the Super 6! (This is subdivided into Values and Standards, Law of Armed Conflict, Security, Personal Health, Substance Misuse and Equality and Diversity).

    As warcorro states I have also heard the levels are are linked to readiness and they differ slightly for Regs and TA.

    I have also heard that they come with a brand new "all singing" supporting package of DVDs, CD Roms, Instructor notes right down to individual ISPECS! etc. The idea to make the running of them much more user friendly and easier to administer. This can only be a good thing with everything else we have to do!

    They are, I'm told, with the exception of some of the MATT 6, a PASS or FAIL with remedial action for failures etc. This includes the BPFA (Test now not assessment?).

    Recognition I beleive is going to be covered elsewhere and be more Theatre Specific.
  4. They also have to be done twice a year in some cases.
  5. Yeah WHTs and BPFA I'm told if you are in deployable units and doing the highest level. But not really a change from old system.
  6. So do the existing tests - APWT and BPFA - say the same? IS CBRN test any different from old NBC ITD? Is AFV regonition scrapped? Is there an issued test for mapreading, or do we make one up at local level? Have looked through recent DCIs and Army Briefing Notes but have seen nothing on this.
  7. I am told the MATT has 3 levels- level 3 is for non deployable units (HQsand Commands etc), level 2 is for units such as deployable HQs, some Training units and the TA and level 1, the highest level to acheive, is for everyone else, the vast majority of army units. I believe the APWT test remains the same but it will depend on what level you are at whether you do the "full" APWT as we know it now. For example those at Level 1 it remains unchanged. BPFA is same altough green is a pass everything else is a fail. CBRN has been revamped and made more practical at levels 1 & 2 with mandatory RTF practices (units need to ensure they have sufficient IPE) and level 3 is not tested. Recognition is done elsewhere outside of the MATT system and is dependent on role. The new packs will contain all the material required to administer, run and test the MATTS (inc Map reading although units can apply the tests to any map(s) they possess). My source tells me there will be a comprehensive communications plan with the usual posters but also roadshows, emails, radio (BFBS) and other methods of spreading the word prior to Apr 06.
  8. Thanks for that. Any idea what the differences between levels one two and three are?
  9. See the entry above yours....
  10. April getting closer. Is there any update on this subject?
  11. The BPFA is I am told to become the PFT. Map Reading will be more Navigation based with an emphasis on being outdoors not doing 6 fig grids in a classroom. Not reall sure of much more than that yet.
  12. There are apparently Roadshows coming up over the next few weeks and there was an ABN released today on the AGWEB.

    Accordingly so, there is a MATT 7. PIE Recognition.
  13. Under the new MATTs all old BCDT have to attend a one day workshop/lecture to be converted to MATT, MCM div will keep a record of all converted instructors, all those who don't make the day lecture will no longer be able to instruct. yet another first aid teaching mess about.
  14. Any other news on the ABN? Looked at the AG Web today at work and could not find it on the list with the other ABN.