Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BigMac, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. I've heard on the grapevine that people will not get their incremental pay rise each year if they don't pass their MATT 2 (PFT/CFT). This is a bit of a problem to me as the army broke me about 18 months ago and I've just been told I'll probably never run again (not that I was any good at it anyway being a fat bloke and all, but that's a different story). I've heard all the cr@p about not being useful as a soldier if I can't run etc, but I'm still employable in my current trade, just long-term downgraded to P3.

    What I'm wondering is

    1. Will this mean that people who are permanent P3 as I am will be treading water for the next x years due to medical reasons?

    2. Is this just for Matt 2 or is it for all MATTS? If so my current unit is in the sh1t as it hasn't ran any range days/APWTs or navigation training in the last 5 years, relying on OPTAG for this training. I know plenty of people in the unit who can run like the wind, but wouldn't know one end of a weapon from the other and would get lost in a portaloo.

    If I'm going to loose out to this it would seem pretty unfair to me as I'm a fcuking ninja with a weapon and my general military skills are at a pretty high standard compared to most in my trade, as I am an infantry re-trade. I'm getting good CRs (all B2s), my trade specific skills are at a decent level and I've been recommended to instruct. Is it fair to penalise me because I can't put one foot in front of the other fast enough?

    Edited to add - I just realised I posted this in the wrong forum - any chance of moving this to RHQ or Training Wing please :oops:
  2. the short answer is bollox. The only time your incremental progression will be stopped is if the grade on your CR is a D (?) or below. The confusion could be because the CO used to be able to say yes or no even with a D, but now it is automatic.
  3. Really. With the CR now changing to SJAR, if an individual cannot pass their individual MATT training to the required standard their increment CAN be stopped.
    This shouldn't happen as you should be trained remediatly so that you can pass, this has been brought in to try and weed out the wasters and provide an incentive to get off their ARRSE and sort themselves out.

    If you are downgraded the MATTs' affected are not held against you.

    Your Training Wing and/or CoC will have the answers you need.
  4. Thank fcuk for that. All sorts of rumours are abound in the unit, mostly because the people who should be relaying this info are about as useful as t1ts on a fish at dissipating such information amongst us juniors. Generally they don't know the answers themselves because of the tri-service nature of the unit.

    Cheers lads.
  5. Therefore then should there not be some sort of test for those that are downgraded. This would indicate that they are actually of use to the service.

    The PFT MATT should not just be restricted to its current format.
  6. I fully agree. What exactly do you suggest though? There are literally hundreds of different injuries that will get you downgraded. A back injury will mean that you can't carry heavy weights or do press ups, while a foot injury may stop you running or tabbing. Give me a PFT that involves swimming or some other indicator of endurance that doesn't involve high impact to my foot and I'll be happy to give it a go. However it would be fairly useless as no matter how physically fit I am I cannot perform the actual physical act of running. Perhapse something that concentrates more on what I can do, such as upper body work? Just an idea.

    Being downgraded is only designed as an indicator of what you can do on ops. As a nurse, I can fully carry out the vast majority of roles available to me in a field hospital while still not being able to run. An infantryman could not carry out their operational role with my current injury and would have to be boarded. As it is I am restricted to role 2/3 field hospital roles on ops and can't do patrol medic jobs attached to teeth arms etc. This is a bit w@nk, but that's life.

    In peace time my role doesn't require me to be carrying heavy weights long distances or run around alot. In reality, the only running that the service requires me to do is to scalp out a PFT twice a year. Therefore my injury does not preclude me doing my job at all, and lets me fill in the sh1t jobs on ops, while freeing up a space in the decent roles.
  7. The MATTS Author is looking into it.

    I don't feel that people should be punished when they have been damaged by the service, but as you say there are many different injuries that do not prevent soldiers from being actively employed. All this takes is a little thought from the PT Corps.

    If someone cannot run what about testing using the bike or the rower or the eliptical trainer?

    This kind of testing will weed out the blaggers and will reduce some of the stigma associated with the genuinely injured.

    Lets get some work out of the gym queens - its not like they have a proper job!
  8. Sorry, I have to enquire further about your points. I waited until today so I could check the regs. JSP 754 states that the only reason for an annual incriment being stopped is due to a SJAR grade of D or below (E for a CR). The SJAR regulations state that a D grade is awarded if you are below the required standard in MOST areas. Physical stamina being just one. It does state that the first reporting officer should comment on any MATTs that you cannot pass.

    Where did you get your info?