Matts memorial doo - arrses social event of the year

Hi every1, this is Matt's (FRICKERS) Mum & Dad. Wer avin a memorial doo on Sat nite 13th March at the ODDIES in Royton, starts 7pm. Wer doin it 2 raise money 4 a memorial tree & plaque 4 Matthew as he as no grave becoz he was cremated. Its called "LIFE FOR A LIFE" u can google it for more info. The muni that is raised 4 the tree & plaque & anythin over goes 2 a charity of our choice, this wil b HEADWAYS 4 brain injurys. There wil b cash prizes 2 b won, a signed rugby ball, thats a surprise who from. In March Matthew wil have been gone 6mnt & its a good excuse 2 get all his/our friends & Family back together & celebrate how much we all loved his presance.Please can u confirm if u will b comin or not. Hopefully every1 will cum & its all for a good cause. (charity).. Once we get the tree we'l av a ceramony 2 plant it, we dont know were yet, there's a few places were there done, for example Salmon Fields, Tandlehills & Dovestones are a few 2 mention.. Thankyou 4 taking the time 2 read this & hope 2 see u all on 13th March, love Tania, Paul (aka Tweeky) & Ellesse FRIENDS AND CHILDREN ALLOWED!!! xxxx

anyone fancy turning up for a few shandies!?!?!

be sure to RSVP, let them know we all care :)



Think of all the motors that will be nicked to get all of the chavs to the venue.

Presumably the event will be followed by a bit of speeding around the local lanes...

also some hilarity regarding the familys attempt to get the gmp sued!

" Y the fuck my boi av 2 b taken.. WTF went rong.. Y fatal injury's. well Ste Garrett reckons wev got a case against GMP.. Guna b ringin leggi's mum 2moro.. Ste asked if u wer out n bout, meanin cud u get 2 his office.. Think ul go, i wil not rest until justice is served 4 MATTHEW.. Wev gota prove(me & Tweek) Matt wud b... stil ere if that fed ad dun his job by the book..
Plum was sayin bout Matt bein clever, & ad a unique way of thinkin,those wer his words.. He nvr 4got ppl's feelin's & i miss that good mornin peck off him & our strong luv & loyalty.. He was most defo off the top rack.. Iv got so much anger in me,all i want is 2 rewind.. Nothin wil tuch me in life eva again.. Well of 2 Goa, Tweek got 7mnt wrk ... See moreflaggin, he's workin on wythinshawe n its ruf as toast, ha.. Matt wud of ad a job, he'd of loved the banter dwn there.. Just got the nw car, he'd of been insured 4 that.. Life cudnt of been beta b4 the crash.. WHY US, always pul the f#kin short straw in life.. Just avin a moan, u wer there so it makes sence,u no wer im comin fm......"


also the lad who was in the crash with him was on the run for 3 aggravated burglaries in his own words, and charged for an assault over christmas. he has since handed himself in/been caught and is going to court this friday. a man named tim hopley may be defending him!/profile.php?id=1584639705


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From the Facebook page:

Jamie Johnson wrote
at 18:36 on 08 February 2010
if im not in jail i will be cumin
i think its best to observe rather than intervene at this point, see how much fun we can milk out of 1 or 2 idiots before the whole group gets wind and goes underground
Cracking! The lot could be taken care of in one hit. MITH please note!
I've had to explain to someone the sheer joy of Fricker. I've not had a good day so far, but the resurgence of this magnificent subject has given me a boost. Butters, crack on.....
Thats one hell of a trick reversing up a lamp post like that!

So, they may have a case against the GMP eh? What for? Pursuing a thieving little scrote in a stolen car? Mmmmm yes I can see how that would justify a lawsuit against the Police. Heaven forbid they should try and catch the little Sh*t !

They'll be sueing Highways next for dangerous placement of lethal lamp posts FFS !
What the hell is this language they use? Is it Klingon?
DavetheApe said:
What the hell is this language they use? Is it Klingon?
It's ChavCo, a kind of BatCo without the need to change the code every 24hrs.

The course is about 15years long, with mini chavs becoming semi proficient around the 9yr point.

Older Chav parents have also adopted this as their first language due to failing their English CSE's and GCSE's, because they never went to school.

Non Chavs trying to speak ChavCo fail miserably and face ridicule from Chavs, normally by text or facebook as the verbal version of ChavCo is indecipherable, due to the monotone grunts and mumbles required to speak it.

Hope this helps?
Thanks guys. I've since found out that they do Chavspeak on a Long Language course at Beconsfield. The senior lecturers are drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of Big Brother / ex-Channel 4 Executive producers.

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