MATTs for instructors

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Quick question.

    If someone is an instructor in a MATT subject e.g. CBRN, do they need to take the MATT tests in that subject and be recorded as having passed or are they deemed to have passed it by nature of their qualification?

    I cant find anything in the MATT documentation on the website.
  2. My understanding is that they've passed by nature of their qualification. However, for the qualification to remain valid, you have to passed a MATT test conducted by another instructor.

    So in summary, you still have to pass the test!

  3. Indeed! Even if you did the MATTS instructor training this year, you still have to do the test.

    Easy if there are two instructors- you just 'test' each other.

    I did think this was b0llocks, but I guess there are plenty of instructors on paper that don't actually teach and have forgotten the stuff.
  4. I did the BCDT stuff last year and was told be the instructors u don't need to be tested but could do it so the people u test have faith in that u known what u r doing.
  5. TopBadger is correct. It appears your qualification in current for the MATTS year your course took place in. Subsequent years require testing by another instructor.

    As I was informed last weekend.
  6. PE, the strict letter of the law is that all officers and soldiers (unless excused) must pass MATTS. It doesn't matter if you are an instructor, you have to be recorded as having passed your MATTS. The days of the magic pencil and the 'tick in the box' are long gone.
  7. I did the CBRNI course this year and still had to do the MATTS test. Didn't bother me - you should know the subject inside out anyway-it's just annoying if the get the ID drill!! I did think my years of being covered with DKP were over-that's why I did the course. :yawnstretch: