MATTs for certificate of efficiency - deploying across training years

Hope somebody out there will be able to help. Apologies if this question has been asked already, I've searched the forum but not found the answer already.
I've just been mobilised and completed my MATTs package at Chilwell (the joy...). I head out in a few weeks on Op HERRICK and return later in the year.
I am aware that therefore I will have the ticks in the boxes for annual camp for BOTH training years for my Certificate of Efficiency (and bounty qualification).
What about MATTs? At my previous unit I was told that if you deploy across training years your MATTs done on mobilisation count for both years. I am getting a different message at my current unit.
Is this a matter of CO's discretion, or is there a policy on this?

Thanks in anticipation!
Unless things have are OK for the 12/13 year BUT you will still have to do them again in the 13/14 year. Assuming you are back in Oct this year, that gives you almost six months in which you will just have to turn up to one w/e, pass the tests. and the Bounty's yours.
I should add: whatever else you are told, NEVER count on ANYBODY exercing any "discretion" on your behalf. It's your money, not theirs, so all the promises in the world may count for nothing. And nobody other than you will lose sleep over it.

Turn up, do the tests and make sure it's properly documented. Until then, have a safe tour.
As HK says.

Your matts must be done between 1 April and 31 Mar of each training year.

For deployment you must merely be current, ie within 6/12 months of whichever MATT it is.

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