Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 50/50, May 11, 2006.

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  1. I've got to put some training on for CNBC (NBC) MATTS testing. My problem is our unit has no fully qualified instructor, which I believe is required for the practical part of testing? Can someone point me in the right direction regarding instructors needed!
  2. Go on the course at winterbourne
  3. Yes you do need a fully trained instructor as the test is practical, in the chamber.

    You can download the MATTs package here

  4. 50/50, you don't say what rank you are, however, you obviously not part of the chain of command or haven't asked them.

    Try here for more information, or PM me if you are still lost in the woods, or is that MATT 5?
  5. It's 'CBRN' (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) now, by the way.
  6. I thought it was called CBRN training?
    -I think that stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear training, however I could be wrong is this even the same thing?

    *ytomk beat me by one min!! cheers :)
  7. Ha ha, I believe the appropriate net-term at this point is 'pwned'!
  8. Thanks for all the info looks like we will have to borrow an instructor from another unit. We have an assistant instructor but he did his course a few years ago. My limited understanding is he can do the lessons but cannot do the test itself?
  9. I could be talking complete and utter boll0X!! The test I referred to is level 1 (Reg (and TA deploying)) read the pack, work out what level you need to achieve (TA not due to deploy is level 2 I think) You may not need the chamber.

    OOPs P
  10. I Have spoken to my SPSI & hes new to Matts as well!!!! We have a mixture of level 2-3 as some of the guys will be deploying in the next few months or so. Looks like the training Major can provide the DS answer to this one.
  11. Surely everyone is new to MATTs.. what with it being a new system and all...
  12. Well if he did the course a few years ago and hasn't attended the refresher trg then I think he will not be able to do anything as his qual will have lapsed. (But I am not a CBRN guru so probably wrong, any winterbourne gurners out there?).

    While the MATT name may be new the principal of the annual testing in various subjects is not and your PSI should be up to date with what quals are needed and whether there is a requirement for the instructor to have requalified since attending the course.

    Regarding the level of the trg required, your training major should have agreed the standards required for each subject with the CO (As the CO has discression over whether tests are conducted at a higher level than that which is required by the book if he feels it is important to test to a higher standard) and then clearly communicated this to all sub-units in order that trg standards are uniform accross the regt. I'm sure this has happened....

    Once again COMMUNICATION from RHQs is rearing its ugly head in a different topic....