MATTs are c**p

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wee_face, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. New MATTs are no better than the ITDs that preceeded them and have only generated an enourmous paperchase! Where is an infantry company supposed to store the last FIVE years of MATT results, especially when each person that passes their MATTs produces about fifteen sheets of paper. Anybody else want to generate some more worthless rubbish that is going to get in the way of useful training!
    Hang on I haven't finished yet. The Mapreading package is terrible and must be re-written to make lessons, (at present I have sacked it and teach from MAPRIC lesson plans instead!) MATT 6 should be one lesson.
    Please can somebody track down the punter responsible for this, make him apologise for wasting mine and my soldiers time and write the whole thing again to be easy to do.
  2. Fair points.........

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  3. I'm just glad we don't deal with MATTs as it's only for trained soldiers not recruits!
  4. I know for a fact that the team who dreamed up MATTs watch this site very closely.
    It’ll be interesting to see if they respond.

    I dread to think how much tax money was wasted on this.

    From the soldiers perspective there is very little difference between MATTs and the previous system.
    Yes I know we now have to pass everything instead of attempt to get our bounty but did that really justify replacing ITDs? Why not just amend the old system to make it a mandatory pass instead of reinventing the wheel and still ending up with a circle?

    And why was vehicle recognition replaced with values and standards?
    With more and more of us deploying on ops what’s more important? Being able to recognise friend or foe or knowing not to lie and cheat?

    And while we’re on the subject of values and standards, how is a 30-60min test/lesson going to teach someone the errors of their ways if they’re already a bit shifty?
  5. That & the fact that the answers are freely available, or is that part of the Values & Standards test?
  6. Vechicle rec is still done. But is only done if going on deployment
  7. AFV recognition was replaced by mapreading and navigation.
  8. So vehicle recognition (a skill that can be taught) isn’t impotent enough to be taught and tested every year but honesty and integrity (something that can’t really be taught) is?
    Pink and fluffy army here we come!
    Next we’ll be swapping the CFT for a basket weaving lesson and only testing the CFT before ops.

    Surely it would have been better to test values and standards every 3+ years?
  9. In fact, we are just getting JPA, why can't we just enter the details on there somehow and then I can forget completly about keeping the question papers for five years!
  10. Vehicle recognition doesn't need Viagra, that's good to hear!

    Are values and standards a bit on the limp side then Goku?

    I do see your point though.......I always found vehicle recognition quite hard too!
  11. Map reading and navigation are fundimental qualities that are severely lacking in TA soldiers. It replaced vehicle recognition and rightly so I believe.
    Considering a great majority of TA are based in the UK, I don't see much point in being able to tell the difference between a T62 and a Charlie2.

    The MATTS system is based on levels of readyness, that is why there are 3 levels. And as for values and standards, the "SOLID C" is what the British Army is, it seperates us from the rest of the shiites out there, so of course it is important and I think you will find that it is a whole package with LOAC included, something that is important in this day and age.

    Selfless commitment-respect for Others-Loyalty-Integrity-Disipline-Courage.

    If you ditch these then we just become another mob with guns.
  12. Ooops typo, blame the lunch time beers :D

    My point is that if you’re the type who is going to cheat, thieve, take drugs, shagg your mates wife… a lesson/test once a year isn’t going to change that.
    However if you can’t tell a landrover from a challenger 2 then a yearly test/lesson might just be what you need.

    I’m not saying that values and standards isn’t important, but I do think that if you haven’t learned right from wrong by adulthood there really isn’t much hope for you.
  13. Fair comment about TA based in UK what happens when they go on Ops?
    sudden panic to learn a years worth of AFV rec, it is a fundamental skill that everyone in the Army needs to know to prevent Blue on Blue for starters!
  14. ^That is why there are 3 levels, level those on ops or iminent for ops, level 2, those not iminent for ops an level 3, Cadets, Salvation Army and Government ministers;-) in other words those who have no chance of doing ops.

    I'm a firm believer in soldiers and units aspiring to the level above the one they are required to achieve, but I don't hold out much hope for it to happen.
  15. You should always be prepared to be deployed as world affairs change daily. Would the enemy give you all time to read up on your AFV rec and NBC ets? Will they feck!
    Soldiers are paid to train until they are required to put that training into practise. Not whine about how are they going to fit it all in when there's so much work to be done as well. There are 24 hours in the day if your admin is up your arse. Get it together and be men, not moaners.

    As for it changing every couple of years that's just people trying to justify their existance or another change of hierachy which seems to always to require a change for the better (read worse)