MATTs and the SAA Level 2


Now that we are all fully MATTed and ITDs are out the window, can I just confirm that I have got the annual TA (ie Level 2) Skill At Arms requirements correct....

1. Pass a WHT.

2. Fire LF3 on a 25m range. 8O

And thats it :!: :?: Full stop.

If thats correct my next question is, can I do LF3 at 100m?

LF3 in the AOSP is 25m, but my unit has just booked a 300m CGR Range for our blokes to fire thier APWT for this year . I have just told them that we don't need a 300m, only a 25m which is already booked that weekend by another unit.

Can I fire at 100m and just quadrouple the group sizes?

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient Arrser,



From memory, LF 4 is the same practice but from 100m. Just remember that if someone fails at 100m they have a right to remedy as they are only required to be tested at 25m (or handbag throwing range, whichever is further).


As I said, from memory! Surely you have to group and zero first anyway? One LF practice is 5 rds grouping from prone, sitting kneeling and standing from 100m. Back to AOSP for the definitive answer I suppose.
i concure with hvm_boy fig 11 on witness screen at 100m me is thinking


Al, it may well be. Point is, there is a grouping practice from 100m in AOSP, so HVM will be firing an approved practice. Point still remains that if it is not done at 25m it is not the MATT test, and so failure cannot result in loss of bounty .
i dont thing you have to zero as part of LF3 (from memory!) just achieve an unzeroed gp size.

I'll check the AOSP tonight.
and so failure cannot result in loss of bounty

indeed, but can success be counted as sufficient to qualify for bounty?

I would think not.


So basically, you are doing it not for bounty, but just to improve their shooting skills. You old fashioned traditionalist you!
You only have to do LF3 at 25m for MATS...however, if your unit is going to do any other training (field firing) then you have to pass weapon handling test & APWT etc...... Oh and the other little gem, if you're going to be doing any armed gate duty then again you must have passed APWT within last 12 months and weapon handling within last 6 months.

I really must get out more 8O

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