Probably not in the correct Forum, however..... Was on a Course at Shrivenham recently where we were told about somewhere on DII(F) where you could create details of MATTs etc. Was supposed to be far more user-friendly than JPA. It basically did the same as a locally produced spreadsheet, but was supposed to be better. However, can't find it anywhere. Course was a bit slow and maybe I dreamt it, but if anyone has a linky or any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Was it possibly the G1RR (G1 Readiness Report), although that is from JPA Reporting. Not sure how you would find out MATT's from DII(F) though
There is a tool on JPA called OLM that oddly enough very few people are trained to use but is the area that all MATTs should be recorded under. The guy you need to speak to is an SO2 at LAND whose name escapes me. But you can search for it yourself on JPA under Training and then there is some self help guides and screen shots regarding how you do things. Hope that helps.
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