Can anyone advise if the format laid down in the Matts guidelines if not followed for WHT's test make the test invalid i.e. whilst halfway through stripping and assembling asked questions not in the test, not completing a test section fully, on the ia testing on obstructions, empty mag etc.
Also from a safety point of view would failing to complete a full 7 point check on the unload ie all actions correct but failing to check the chamber maghousing and bolt again warrant a safety failure. I know a 7 point check is listed in the pamphlet and what says go's. I would appreciate some guidance on this if it should be classed as a mistake affecting safety and therefore a fail or a mistake in general.
It may well be that the instructor was assessing weapon handling in general but they did not make this clear during the test.
WHT's are laid out in the pamphlet and must be followed as per the pamphlet. Does that help?

If not I'm afraid I've no idea what you're on about.
A number of people failed including myself and I accept the instructors decision - however I feel he was being pedantic or trying to get one over on us to prove a point. I'm just looking for guidance going forward


I am a SAA instructor, howvever i can not get my hands on SAA pamphlet, does anyone know where i can buy one from or does anyone know where i can get a copy of it on pdf format.

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