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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Looking for a few suggestions here,
    a chap allegedley has gathered up a few euros over the years and has them stored aound the house, (not coins by the way).
    Now owing to the way things are going with the euro what would you do?
    change them in the border BDC for sterling,
    or sit tight and hope for the best.
    the money was honestly gathered over the years but didn't involve much paperwork.....touches side of nose with finger.
  2. Well a king sized I find best especially in summer.
  3. Would think he should get shot of same Euro's soonest. The arrse is going to fall out of them shortly.
  4. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Your mate might be wise to use said euros to purchase some gold, and then stick that back under his mattress.
  5. Thaught this was a thred telling me me how to get the money back,from all the beds ive lagged
  6. It's sort of what I am worried about
    DO be careful with the ARSE word Jarrods on the post above you.
  7. Simply send them to me. I will nip across to Frogland and make sure that the filthy things are well disposed of. Hurry my generous offer will not last forever.
  8. would you get me 200 embassy while you're there? thanks ever so much.
  9. Been wondering this myself. Got a feeling gold is a false god, carn't see tesco or e-on taking it and the big boys are not into it either. If the euro does go tits up and all revert to old currencies does it matter where they were issued I.e. if they come from Germany do they become marks?
    Personaly I am going for teenage runaways. Certify them STD free give them a crash course in home ecanomics hey presto transferable currency
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  10. I can do that ,but I will need real money up front.
  11. Get me a bottle of Courvoisier, just cash in a mattress and give me a mensh.
  12. When it's down to around $1400.
  13. You think it will see $1400 again?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions,
    wouldn,t bother with that gold malarkey though...besides to many receipts involved with that.
    might buy a few dollars.
  15. It's very possible. It will rise above £1900 again but very volatile at the moment. There's just too much manipulation at the moment. I keep a beady eye on it daily.
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