Matters Sartorial - Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Officers' started by zxninerpilot, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Have a civilian black tie fuction coming up at a prestigious adress in London. Will end up in a private club afterwards somewhere in town. Couple of questions though:

    1. Would a Corps bow tie or cummerbund be deemed to be pretentious? I wish to avoid this at all costs, but wouldn't mind putting my own spin on my attire to be individual in a sea of city types.

    2. I am guessing that miniatures would only be worn if I were retired, and at a military function as opposed to a civilian one.

    3. Do not wish to commit any sartorial crimes, so any pointers gratefully received.

  2. 'Private Club'. Sounds like you're going to a strip club, in which case a white tuxedo and winged collar would be appropriate. For anything else, just wear black tie, and wear it well.....
  3. Black bow tie, no minatures unless told otherwise!!

    BTW, next time you need some advice we have a lengthy and nearly exhaustive 'Dapper Clothing' thread for this kind of thing.
  4. Yes thought so. Private club, unfortunately, is not a strip club. Free G and Ts all night though...
  5. Hi

    Have been in same position on occasions - to be honest you have to go with what feels right. Normally reserve the Regimental Bow tie to Military functions or Christmas when things tend to be less formal.
    For the rest of the year I tend to go 'Black Tie' especially if stipulated in invitation - then there can be no social c*ck up or embarassment.
    Where are you going Insurance and Banking - much more formal along with Royalty (or des) present (Guildhall or Buck Palace etc).
    Also are you going as military guest or just as a guest? Mil guest medals on - normal guest medals off (can always have them in your top pocket to put on - or wear and take off if you are on your own - I tend to wear but remove as I take my overcoat of if I am on my own).

    If in doubt - do the right thing rather than what your ego tells you :)

    Good luck and enjoy


    P.S Also depends if you are a career officer or not of course :)
  6. Thanks CL, will bear that in mind. Didn't realise and I apologise.
  7. Not a career officer any more! It is a civilian bash (one of "the big 4") and the club after is frequented by royalty, though not in any official capacity. Will be a guest of. Black tie it is, no acoutri acutr acutrimen, fcuk it, accesories!
  8. Of course, trews you are entitled to....
  9. Sorry, sartorial bufoon. You've lost me, would you mind expanding on that?
  10. Always best to go black tie - just in case you get an Arrse hole at the door of the club - they can be very selective at times. Would not want to give them a reason to refuse entry!
    Like they are at the top of the gene pool - but rules is rules is as they love to say - always a cop out - but they like the power bless them!

  11. "Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy; but nor express'd in fancy".

    No Corps tie/cummerbund, unless v. louche/racy team. Check with host/ organiser re miniatures. Probably not, unless all-mil.

    If a smoker, put fags in slim, hard case - silver, preferably. V. stylish, and women swoon for it. 8)

    Have fun! :D
  12. Thank you, not a smoker more of a cigar man, but if women swoon for it, then I may be persuaded! Isn't smoking becoming socially unacceptable these days though? Would love to spark up with a huge cigar after dinner, but fear I may be regarded as a social outcast.
  13. Dear man, a fellow-devotee of A Good Stogie?!

    Bolivar Robustos for me, if y'please.

    I always step out with my etui well charged with good cigars; but for a quick puff, to maintain Critical Nicotine Levels, I also take gaspers in hard silver case.

    Magical effect on the ladies, some of whom may be persuaded to be progressively less lady-like as the wee small hours draw on (or off, if you follow my drift) . . . . . 8) I have weaned more than a few ex-smoking gels back onto gaspers, as a result of that wee case.

    Diskard those who will not allow after-dinner cigars. :x They know not what they miss; and life is too short.

    Have fun!
  14. Have got come Partegas Lusitanias tucked away in the humidor. Bit milder, I find, and perhaps more palatable to those around the table.
  15. Quite delicious cigars. Ideal after-lunch or late-night smoke, IMHO.

    A wretched Swedish feminist snalled my very last Lusitania, at a dinner party in a Highland lodge so remote that reinforcements took four days to reach us.

    Bad drills. Not amused. :x

    Funny how memories linger.

    "I forget the name of the town. I forget the name of the girl. But the wine was Chambertin!" (Belloc.)