Matters of size

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by liz_the_nurse, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Channel 4 this evening, programme called 'the perfect penis'. Blokes getting surgery to enlarge and shrink them. One guy had been injecting silicone into his knob end for 6 years and his sack and trump are now bigger than a morris minor.

    The guy that owns this website recommends stretching it with penis pumps and wrenches.

    Your thoughts please chaps
  2. no thanks im leaving mine alone thanks , if ain't broke don't try fix it , i say
  3. you know, i was watching that and even i had my legs crossed.

    the bloke who did the voice over for the stripper was genius tohugh

    "it were great like, it were like a saveloy"
  4. I tuned in just in time to see the penis op. It made me feel physically ill.
    There’s no chance of me ever allowing a needle of knife near my Jr.
  5. Wrenches?!?!?! 8O Eyes watering now. Crossed legs. Going to hide behind PC :D
  6. I saw the program, very interesting although Channel 4 can't get enough of the whole 'sex-themed documentary-thing'. People need to be struck off the medical register for injecting that guy with the silicone. He needs counciling, not balls with a circumference of 2' for crying out loud!
  7. Was in kitchen, tv was on channel 4 already (honest!) and I walked into the room to see the first opening part of the programme... 8O
    a myriad of nobs...what an ugly site to see as I tuck into my tea n' toast - looked like some parade at a poultry farm, although I did laugh as the gwah nob stood out (no pun intended!) like a sore thumb. I scrambled for the remote and turned over but still saw a limp pr1ck on the tv.... though this time it was Graham Norton.
  8. mines is big enough as it is thank u :D :D
  9. You mean they were doing reduction surgery as well on this programme then?

    Nah don't fancy getting me balls shrunk thanks a lot. :D
  10. I don't realy need this type of enhancement. I have to lay down to take a Pee, the doctor has told me not to lift anything heavy. 8O
  11. Count me out of anything having to do with slicing, dicing, or otherwise molesting my Best Friend. Nor do I have interest in watching someone else's member being dissected. Saw some pics in a mag of somebody getting penile enlargement surgery--fastest turn of the page I've ever managed, I think. 8O

    Besides, when you elicit comments like "hung like a mule" from the fairer sex :twisted: , why try to enhance nature's gifts? :p
  12. The guy's balls were so big he had to squat above his crapper to avoid giving his nuts a soaking. I find that mildly nausiating!
  13. Totally freaky. There was one guy getting surgery because he had a vagina and penis. They cut the penis part off and stitched it to his arm to continued the blood flow until they doctored the vagina part and then restitched on the penis and extended it.

    The surgeon was from the 'Department of Microsurgery!'
  14. Interesting, you could have a w@nk with your arms folded!!!!
  15. Or nosh yourself and comb your hair at the same time?!?!?!?!?