matt weston

I have to comment on sapper matt weston. Here is a lad that whilst out in afghan had his legs and one arm blown off by an improvised explosive device-ied. While he was being pushed on in his wheelchair in birmingham he was verbally abused by a group of youths. One was heard to say did you forget something. yes your legs. It is a ****ing disgrace that lads who are serving their country get treated in this ****ing digusting manner. I would happily pay to see some of his mates go and beat the shit of of them. I ****ing support the lads 100%. Its a ****ing sad state of affairs that we live with lowlife scum who abused a hero.
Steve there is already a thread going on about this mate. Stand by for about a dozen crusty arrsers to now start lecturing you about double posts, rules, newbies etc!

I understand your outrage though!
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