Matt Stevens--Good start to the six nations

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by wompingwillow, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. He wouldn't have hepled you against the mighty Welsh ;)

    Though it's a sad day for Rugby when the players start acting like footballers.
  2. That will be the mighty Welsh I went to see play against Scotland and Italy last 6 nations and against New Zeland and Austraillia during the autum internations

    sorry should have added I couldn't be happier he's out!!
  3. He knew the tolerance, deserves all he gets.
  4. Well that's all good then :)
  5. It started on Sunday with Azam's pathetic comedy dive.
  6. I heard about that, didn't see the match. Will see if it's on youtube.
  7. Best thing that could have happened. Julian White will be back in the squad, best tight head in the country.
  8. let himself go a bit already....




    deserves what her gets.
  9. And to add to the poor start (even before it actually begins) it now seems Lewis Moody is out for the duration as well (injury, not drugs though).

    *Edited for mong spelling.
  10. See the Azam flop

    Love the way his hand rubs most of his face as he is not sure were the contact was.

  11. WTF 8O

    Fecking mincing twat
  12. One of the most annoying things this week has been wannabes, hangers-on and groupies going on about how they knew what was going on etc. Well why didn't they either slap Matt back to his senses or at the very least make an intervention by bubbling him to Steve Meehan?? It is a crying shame because he has obviously been led astray, however he has responded by taking the blame and not whinging about how society, pressure etc is to blame.

    He is a disappointment but I hope his true character shines through and he gets back on the track.
  13. WW, it most certainly is common knowledge. Why do you think Barkley left last season,and is now suspiciously on his way back there now its been bubbled.