Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by henrik_larson, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if MATT 9 Counter IED will be a requirement for the TA i.e. bounty qualification?

    What are peoples thoughts on whether or not it should be? Is there time, money, need, opportunity to gain trained instructors quick enough?
  2. In short yes it is a bounty requirement but there is only a test if you are training to MATT Level 1 otherwise its just a case of watching a Dvd and sitting through a couple of presentations.
  3. Correct,just done the Assistants course,level one has 2 theory periods,2 periods practicaland 1 dvd period,level 2 2 theory periods and 1 dvd period.
  4. Where did you do the Assistants course? We are looking to get some qualified instructors but the full on All Arms C-IED Instructors course isn't open to bids yet so would be useful if anyone who knows where and when the Assistant C-IED courses are being run could pass on the details.

  5. Just checked the ISpecs and Level 2 can be delivered by a DITs qualified SNCO without them having completed the assistants course. The powerpoints are on defence intranet and the Dvd is available from BDFL.
  6. C-IED Asst instr are to be cascade trained by unit Course qualified C-IED instructors who have done the 2 week course. The Asst course is 3 days training from skip reading the stuff on DII
  7. This was run in house by one of our guys who had just done the two week course at DEMSSOUTH here at Chilwell.

    It did take a bit of working to get him on the course they managed it as we are one of the first places to run it as MATT1 for the courses coming through.

    It is all very much in its infancy and some of the lessons need to be re worked etc.
  8. Can assault pioneer section commanders and above teach this subject without having to do the requisite 2 week course?
  9. At level 2 and 3 a SNCO can teach the course provided they are DITs qualified.
  10. FYI the Engineer Wing of 15(NE) Bde RTC, who are based at Deverell Barracks, Ripon, are running the All Arms Assistant Counter IED Instructors Course. This a three weekend course. They are part way through the first first course with the next two weekends this month - the weather caused the cancellation of the original weekends. The next course is in March 2011.

    The Engineer Wing plan to run at least four courses next training year. The loading is a max of 16 students who must be a min of Cpl and DITs Qualified.
  11. Do they need to be engineers ?
  12. No - it is an All Arms Course. The course running at present has students from 5RRF, 4YORKS, 299 Para Eng, 72 Eng Regt, 168 Pioneer Regt, 6 RIFLES and 3PWRR. The min rank and DITs qualified are the main criteria.
  13. 4 DIV RTC are rolling them out in the immediate future if that helps.
  14. The RTC's are tasked with providing Assistant Courses to the TA - they are slowly getting allocated places on the Instructor course to be qualified to award Assistant.
    4 Div RTC goes live in the 2011/12 Training year with the first 3 weekend course provisionally scheduled to start on 3rd June with a loading of 16